AHRA Annual Meeting Scholarship

These are challenging times for the healthcare industry, as you are asked to do more with fewer resources. Many of our members tell us that educational or professional development funding is more difficult to obtain. Recognizing this, AHRA and the AHRA Education Foundation, working with our valued corporate partners, have established the AHRA Annual Meeting Scholarship. These scholarships provide funding to cover the meeting registration cost, and accommodations for AHRA members who have previously attended the Annual Meeting, but have no employer funding to attend this year’s meeting.

The Annual Meeting is a wonderful opportunity to learn how others are coping with the industry's new realities. It provides a sense of connection to others who are facing similar circumstances. It is our hope that these Annual Meeting Scholarships will make a difference. 6 scholarships will be awarded to AHRA members.

Qualifications for the scholarship have been established in order to recognize loyal AHRA members who have attended at least one previous Annual Meeting and have provided volunteer service to the association.

Application Deadline: May 10, 2024
Questions? Please contact Amber Welch.

Six scholarships will be awarded.

Thank you to our sponsor Beekley Medical for providing five scholarships and RCCS for providing one scholarship.

Congratulations to past Annual Meeting Scholarship recipients:

Elizabeth Gravunder, CRA
Carolyn Packard, CRA
Derek Taylor, CRA
Kelly Sams

Amanda Garlock, CRA
Billie McKee, CRA, FAHRA
Rachel Thiesse-Yount
Andleeb Dombrowski
Alyssa Woodberry
David Fox

Ryan Pavlak
Kevin Hendrickson
Kathryn Beamon
Jackie Durbin
Dennis Enloe
Debra King
Rachel Thiesse-Yount

Victoria Novick
Nancy McDonald
Laura Donnelly
Heidi Hordyk, CRA
Sandra Michalski, CRA
Jodi Kincaid
Kelly Biscay
Lorraine Thies
Susan Higgins

Judy LeRose, CRA
Mark Lerner

Donna Blakely, CRA

Joe Inbornone
Scott Lehman, CRA
Betty Roakes, CRA
Kristy Trent, CRA
Dianna  Stiles, CRA


Deborah Clark, CRA, FAHRA
Nancy Jo David, CRA
Andy Gill
April Griffis
Debra Tobin, CRA

Daniel R. Cameron
Jamie Coder, CRA
Shirley Douglass
Jackie Durbin, CRA
Joseph Inbornone
Gerard Mullen, CRA
Michael Peters
Kathleen Smith
Lori Williams
Judith Wood

Nancy Jo David, CRA
Steve Davis, CRA
Scot W. Duncil, CRA
Diane Mayo
Billie S. McKee, CRA
Shelly L. Meese, CRA
Viviana Ruscitto, CRA
Carrie Stiles
Chris B. Threadgill, CRA

Sandra M. Edson
Rich Egan, CRA
Carol A. Flynn, CRA
Mary Phillips
Richard S. Stonicher, FAHRA
Beth L. Weber, CRA


Ellen B. Alexander, CRA
Debra A. Casey, CRA
Becky Lamberth, CRA, FAHRA
Brian Matsusaka, CRA
Marjory V. Savino, CRA
Louise Saxby, CRA
Lorraine Thies

Cathy G. Beelman, CRA
Reginald T. Cooks, CRA
Cheryl Hescher
Tina Murray
Suzanne K. Ramthun, CRA
Beth Roubique
Sue Rysted, CRA
Hollis A. Tessmer II, CRA

Dana Allison
Jennifer Brase, CRA
Debra L. Clark, CRA
Luis O. Marquez, CRA, FAHRA
Michelle Nordland
Eleanor A. Richardson
Karen Stucker Rogers
Thomas Saladino, CRA
Jason Scott
Alan L. Wildman, CRA
Ron J. Barak, CRA
Tonya Bell Brightmon
Wanda Coker, CRA
Julie E. Hughes, CRA
Bruce E. Peters, CRA
Angelic P. McDonald
Sue Rysted, CRA
Thomas A. Redman, CRA, FAHRA
Joshua Scheller
Katherine A. Steffen, CRA