Radiology Management Journal

Editorial Review Board

The Editorial Review Board (ERB) contributes to the publication of the association’s journal, Radiology Management, by reviewing, writing, and soliciting articles.

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Members of the ERB are current AHRA members in good standing. They shall serve a two-year term, and can serve a maximum of (2) two-year terms. They are appointed by the editor-in-chief based on the calendar year and, whenever possible, members shall be selected based on demonstrated expertise in one or more areas identified as priorities in the editorial scope of the journal. The editor-in-chief serves as chairperson of the ERB for a three-year term and can serve a maximum of (2) three-year terms. He/she is appointed by the president concurrent with the AHRA fiscal year. Regular columnists are not considered members of the ERB. All parties will work with an AHRA staff liaison, currently the publications director.

Role and Function
1. Provide active guidance to the AHRA publications director in the development and implementation of the editorial plan for Radiology Management.
2. Provide peer review for articles and other material considered for publication in Radiology Management, identifying:

  1.  Appropriateness
  2. Benefit to members
  3. Timeliness of topic
  4. Professional level of interest

3. Solicit material for consideration in Radiology Management.
4. Write material for consideration in Radiology Management (each member is required to write at least one feature article OR two columns during a single term).
5. Suggest topics for articles to be published in the journal. If applicable, review and approve topics for theme issues and/or an annual editorial calendar proposed by AHRA’s publications director.
6. Review all proposed changes to the editorial content and direction of Radiology Management and deliberate on the relative advantages and disadvantages of the proposed changes on the value brought to the AHRA membership by such change(s).
7. Review the results of the annual reader survey, letters to the editor, and other reader comments to Radiology Management in order to identify trends and issues.
8. Propose editorial policies, review proposed editorial policies, and provide guidance to AHRA staff regarding existing and proposed editorial policies.
9. Recommend changes to policies and procedures regarding Radiology Management to the AHRA board of directors.
10. Participate in the review of articles for AHRA’s annual editorial awards.
11. Participate in the review of editorial material for relevant contests or programs.
12. Availability to meet at least annually and on an adhoc basis. Meetings may be via conference call or in person. The work of the ERB will be conducted primarily via conference call or electronic means.

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