AHRA President's Award

Each year the AHRA President selects a very special person to be the recipient of the AHRA President's Award. This person holds significance to the president because of the impact they've made on their imaging career, professional development, mentorship, and friendship. The recognition pays homage to the values of leadership, fellowship, and displays the gratitude the president has for the guidance and encouragement they have received during their career. 

Award for Excellence

AHRA is proud to sponsor a prestigious award program to recognize medical imaging professionals for excellence and leadership. Five AHRA members are honored yearly and presented with a beautiful crystal award.

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Emeritus Status

In recognition of the loyalty and contributions of its long-standing members, AHRA established an Emeritus status. In order to be eligible for Emeritus status, an AHRA member must have a total of fifteen (15) years of current AHRA membership at the time of the request and no longer be employed in healthcare.   

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Fellow Designation

The AHRA Fellow designation recognizes the significant contributions of AHRA members to the industry and our professional association. Using an evaluation point scale and meeting minimum point requirements, members may submit an application for Fellow status. Applications require the sponsorship of a current AHRA Fellow.

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Gary Boyd Editorial Awards

Every year, one column and one feature article are selected to receive the prestigious Radiology Management Gary Boyd Editorial Awards. The articles are chosen by AHRA members.

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Jim Conway Gold Award

The AHRA Jim Conway Gold Award is the highest honor AHRA can bestow upon one of its members. The award is given to an AHRA member who has made significant contributions to the profession of imaging and healthcare administration. Nominations for the Gold Award come from the membership and any member may nominate a candidate. All members of AHRA are eligible to be considered for the award.

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