Charting the Future: AHRA’s Vision for the Next 50 Years

The recent celebration of AHRA’s 50th anniversary represents five extraordinary decades of progress, service, and achievement in the medical imaging field. Since its founding, the association has emerged as the premier imaging leadership organization, representing the collective voice of over 5,000 members across 2,600 hospital imaging departments, freestanding imaging centers, and group practices nationwide.

Throughout its history, AHRA has been a guiding beacon, helping its members navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape and supporting the increasingly important role that imaging plays in modern medicine. Today, amidst unprecedented challenges and groundbreaking innovations, AHRA members find themselves at the forefront of a transformational period in the field.  These factors have rapidly changed the way imaging leaders and industry partners must work together to deliver high-quality patient care.

Recognizing the urgent need for adaptation and evolution, AHRA is leading the charge into the next half-century. With a firm commitment to fostering new solutions, nurturing emerging leaders, and forging collaborative partnerships, AHRA is poised to shape the future of medical imaging for generations to come.

Pillars of Progress: AHRA's Strategic Framework to Advance Imaging Excellence

AHRA has established four strategic pillars to guide the organization’s vision. 

  1. Research, benchmarking, and best practices to equip imaging leaders with insights to assess how their departments are performing relative to industry standards, identify and prioritize areas of improvement, and strengthen their voices when making the case for changes at their institutions.
  2. Cross-functional education and leadership development to help imaging leaders at all levels expand their perspectives and knowledge beyond the radiology department and sharpen their business acumen and leadership skills. 
  3. Thought leadership forum(s) that connect AHRA members, industry partners, and other relevant stakeholders to share forward-thinking ideas and identify new potential opportunities to advance medical imaging management.
  4. Advocacy and outreach to ensure the collective voice of imaging leaders is heard when examining key topics affecting the field, elevate recognition of medical imaging management and its crucial role in healthcare, and cultivate a vibrant and diverse talent pipeline for the future.

Introducing: The Living Our Legacy Campaign

AHRA and the AHRA Education Foundation are proud to announce the launch of the Living Our Legacy campaign. This is a five-year effort (2024-2028) which invites stakeholders — AHRA members and industry partners — to invest in AHRA's vision of innovating its offerings, expanding its reach, and creating new strategic alliances. 

Funding Priority

Programmatic Priorities and Concepts

Sustainability and Expansion of Cornerstone Programs

AHRA Programs
•    Educational Seminars and Symposia
•    Annual Meeting
•    Regional/Area Meetings
•    Research-Based, Peer Reviewed Publications
•    CRA Credential
•    Mentorship Program
•    Leaders of Choice (LOC)
•    Imaging Innovation Council

Education Foundation Programs
•    Scholarships 
•    Grants 
•    Putting Patients First

Research and Benchmarking

•    AHRA Member-Specific Research and Trends Reporting
•    Hot Topic Lightning Polls and Pulse Surveys
•    Focus Groups (One-Time and Long-Term Groups)
•    Establish and Convene Key Opinion Leader and Modality Resource Groups

•    Research Aggregation and Interpretation 
•    Commissioned Research Studies and Longitudinal Research Projects

Education and Leadership Development •    Enhance Aspiring Leaders Curriculum (i.e. Entry-Point Into Leadership)
•    Refresh, Modernize and Promote CRA Certification
•    Create a “Leading Beyond Imaging” Curriculum
•    Establish a Program for Non-Imaging Healthcare Leaders
•    Enhance and Expand Regional and Local Area Meeting Offerings