Osborn Scholarship

Royce R. Osborn, FAHRA, was a generous man and World War II veteran who prevailed over racial prejudice to become a leader in his profession. As one of the first radiologic technologists to make the transition to a new position called “radiology administrator” in the 1970s, he was determined to help others get the management education they needed. Osborn was among the group of charter members who shaped AHRA and, in 1984, was the second recipient to achieve its highest honor, the Gold Award. 

The AHRA Education Foundation’s Royce and Paula Osborn Scholarship was created to honor the commitment Royce and his wife, Paula, made to education and helping others.

Awarded annually, the Osborn Scholarships provide opportunities for AHRA members to participate in the Annual Meeting or Spring Conference. The recipient is awarded up to $2000 for the Annual Meeting. The AHRA Education Foundation will also pay conference registration fees.

AHRA continually looks for opportunities to offer value-added benefits to honor and assist medical imaging professionals who serve our country. As such, the AHRA Education Foundation Board of Directors approved funding for two additional Osborn scholarship opportunities, specifically for AHRA’s military members (active duty, retired, or reserves).

  • 2021 Osborn Annual Meeting Deadline – May 17, 2021
Apply for an Osborn Scholarship
  Congratulations to past Osborn Scholarship recipients:
Vaughn Eason 
James Frymire 
Emily Cash  
Annette Harrison   
Danielle Henrickson

Stacy Lewis
Melissa Zeigler
Cindy Stewart
Kristy Trent, CRA
Patricia Barrow
Beth Allen, CRA
April Clifton
Nikole Marschman
Ronda Sunnenberg
Amanda Garlock

David Dacorro
Christine Gomien
Brenda Heideman
Brandon Holt
Theodore Jackson
Mycal King
Tracy Short

Daniel Neal, CRA
Tina Checchia
Elisa Condon
Wendy Renneke

Amy Hollis
Zachary Hopkins
Jose Lopez
Carmen Taylor

Lauren Northam
Alicia Minton
Kristen Polenz
Timothy Thieme
Shannon O'Keefe
Krystal Williams
Chad Smith
Eddie Oliver
Ellen Alexander

Michelle Garza
Laurelynn Brey
Eric Pollard
Adam Volluz
Tonya Evans

Joy Broyles
Scott M. Mattes
Kimberly L. Masters
Denise Cole
Brooke Spencer

Nicholas Gimmi
Daniel Kwak
Ryan Lake
Mark Toatley
Danielle Jaramillo

Melissa Baker
Laura K. Haas
Kyle Kellum
Vicki Novick
Amanda Marquez

Stephanie Roberts
Keri Deacon
Michael Jordan
Marilyn Weed
Robert K. Brzuchalski

Charles W. Obbagy  
Judy Offenback 
Jason Scott

Louise Saxby
Dan Goldblatt
Trudie Layton

Lori Thies
Angelic McDonald
Lyndal Odom
Bradley Stevens
Lee Jones

James Sutton
Benjamin Goodstein
Linda Mickelson
Hollis Tessmer
Tabatha Roper-Mitchell

Ruth Woosley
Craig Freeman
Tina Murray
Rose Marie Nadolinski
Donna Malin 

Timothy T. Fitzgerald
LuAnn Epperson
Joanne Fisher
Jennifer L. Jones
Sherry Reinard

Kelly Denton
Chris Threadgill
Sharon White

Robert J. Bickford
Bradley Feltz
Susan Thompson

Dana R. Hutson
Julie H. McQueeney
Beth Sutton

Douglas Koch
Bonita M. Ranes
David Trevino

Z Harlean Botha
Stephen G. Buhler
Kiefe Earley