Sharon Harms, CRA - Candidate for AHRA Director

Director of Radiology, Radiation Oncology, GI Specialties, and Cancer Program at Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln, NE 

The AHRA Board of Directors has a responsibility to govern our organization with integrity and fiscal responsibility, and to set a strategic direction that is relevant and beneficial for our stakeholders now and in the future.  I want to be a member of the AHRA Board of Directors to be a voice for the membership and help lead this organization into the future.  While being an AHRA member since 1996, I have not served on the AHRA Board in the past, so I feel I can bring a fresh perspective and represent both long term and newer members.  I would find it rewarding to give back to the AHRA in a capacity that I have not had the opportunity to do yet.  

I have experience serving on various boards and developing strategic plans. I have progressed in my leadership roles and responsibilities throughout my career, and have a proven record of meeting goals and metrics. I manage large budgets and have consistently exceeded budgeted operating margins year after year via expense management and revenue growth.  

I have excellent people skills and will be able to develop positive relationships, as well as provide knowledge and counsel to the Board and those we support.  I can bring solid leadership skills to this position, as well as a friendly personality to mesh with the team.  Thank you for the opportunity!

Question & Answer

What do you see as the primary role of AHRA’s Board of Directors? 
The role of the AHRA’s Board of Directors is to develop a strategic plan which can be used to communicate to the members.  The plan should include the organization’s goals, actions to reach those goals and how success will be measured, while also being fiscally responsible.  The board needs to listen to and consider the needs of the AHRA member stakeholders to garner support and ensure the organization is headed in a direction that is relevant and beneficial.  The board needs to be prepared to adjust priorities in response to the changing environment and be as proactive as possible in anticipating those changes.  There must always be a focus on the future.

What makes you an excellent leader?
I have a proven track record of increasing leadership responsibilities.  I believe this has happened as a result of my transformational leadership style, along with my interest and ability in mentoring others.  I set high standards for the leaders who report to me and encourage them to always grow in their knowledge and skills.  I make it a priority to involve the right stakeholders in decision-making as I value input and buy-in.  I am friendly, focused, flexible, organized, and responsible.  My Emergenetics profile shows strengths in Social and Analytical categories which is well suited to leadership.  My top five Gallup Strengths Finder traits in include Achiever, Responsibility, Maximizer, Communication, and Arranger. 

How do you define governance? Describe your experience with strategic planning.
Governance describes how an organization conducts its affairs and manages resources.  It uses a system of rules, practices and processes to meet objectives.  Using transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility are some ways to develop positive relationships with the organization’s stakeholders.

My experience with strategic planning includes being a stakeholder and contributor to the strategic plan of the Medical Center where I work.  This entails attending meetings to discuss future direction, set objectives, and define metrics of success.  

I lead strategic planning sessions with the physicians in my departments. These includes review of prior year and development of priorities and strategies for the coming year, as well as future years.  The Vice President of the area attends this strategic planning session as well.
I chair a board for our local community college radiologic technology program.  In this capacity, I lead a team of college leaders, physicians, radiology managers/directors, technologists, and students to review/approve curriculum and program structure, and develop a strategic plan for the college.  We garner input and review current program structure, future potential program structure, and equipment needs for keeping the college relevant and productive.  We also review construction projects that the college has planned.  We listen to input from the technologists and students who are working together in the clinical sites to determine what is working well and what ideas there are for improvement to build into the strategic plan. 

I am a member of the Facilities and Finance Board at my church.  Our team is responsible for planning and setting priorities for facility improvements, developing and reviewing budgets, reviewing local economic growth and how that impacts our church, reviewing member giving practices, and providing congregational updates as needed.  We help prepare the annual financial review for the congregational meeting.

What was your initial reason for joining AHRA, and why do you choose to continue your membership?
I joined the AHRA in 1996 when my director at the time shared with me the importance of being a member.  I have been a continuous member ever since.  The AHRA has provided me with excellent educational opportunities, and above all so many great mentors and friends that I can reach out to at any time.  The forum has been a valuable tool to gain quick knowledge and support, as well as share my knowledge with others.  There are many volunteer opportunities that also allow members to give back while meeting new people and developing deeper friendships.  I started writing articles for Radiology Management and had people reach out to me to compliment and/or ask questions.  I lead a task force of 50 hospitals who are affiliated with Bryan Medical Center, and I have highly encouraged everyone there to join the AHRA—which many of them have!

What would you say to a peer who was on the fence about becoming a member?
I would encourage any peer to not hesitate another minute to join the AHRA!  The networking opportunities, educational opportunities, and community of support makes it essential to be a part of this organization if you are an imaging professional with a desire for growth.

Professional History and Experience

Medical Imaging Management: 27 Years
Medical Imaging: 33 Years
Work History:

• 2001-Current: Director of Radiology, Radiation Oncology, GI Specialties and Cancer Program Bryan Medical Center, Lincoln NE
• 1996-2001: Manager of Radiology and Radiation Oncology, Bryan Medical Center, Lincoln NE
• 1993-1996: Supervisor of Ultrasound and Radiology Office/Billing Lincoln General Hospital, Lincoln NE
• 1989-1993: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Radiology Associates, P.C./Lincoln General Hospital Lincoln NE
• 1988-1989: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha NE
• 1987: Radiologic Technologist, LinCare—Urgent Care Center, Lincoln NE

• 2016: MBA, Business Administration, Nebraska Wesleyan University NE
• 1988: BS, Radiation Sciences Technology, University of Nebraska Medical Center NE
• 1987: AAS, Radiologic Technology, Southeast Community College NE

• 2006: CRA, AHRA
• 1998: RDMS, ARDMS
• 1987: RTR, ARRT

AHRA / AHRA EF Offices, Appointments, and Activities

AHRA member since 1996 • 2019: Host, AHRA Local Area Meeting • 2019: Gary Boyd Editorial Award, 2019 Outstanding Feature • 2019: Author, Radiology Management • 2018: Author, Radiology Management • 2015, 2018: Host, Partners in Learning • 2014: Award for Excellence, Award Recipient • 2013: Speaker, AHRA Fall Conference • 2016-2017: Member, Membership Campaign Committee • 2018: Lend a Hand, AHRA Annual Meeting

Other Professional and Community Activities

• 2012 – Current: Southwood Lutheran Church, Usher, Greeter, Giving Tree
• 2012 – Current: Gathering Place, Serve meals to those in need, clean the facility after serving the meal
• 2012 – Current: Matt Talbot Kitchen, Serve meals to those in need, clean up after serving
• 1990 – Current: American Legion Auxiliary, Member, various serving opportunities in the community

Other Board Experience

• 2019 – Current: Southwood Lutheran Church, Facilities and Finance Council—Set priorities for facility improvements, develop and review budgets, review local economic growth and how that impacts our church, review giving and provide congregational updates as needed, help prepare annual financial review for congregational meeting.
• 2006 – Current: Southeast Community College Radiologic Technology Advisory Board, Chair of the board, review/approve curriculum and program structure, develop strategic plan for future college/student needs.

Fundraising Experience

• 2014: Bryan Medical Center, Chair of Employee Giving Campaign
• 2018-2019: Bryan Medical Center, Transforming Surgery Campaign—Assist the Foundation with connections and meetings with potential donors.

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