Even now, over 6 months into the COVID-19 global pandemic, the coronavirus is still changing the world, our communities, and our lives. It's as critical as ever to have fact-based, current information from experts throughout this public health crisis. Here, we seek to provide a go-to resource for our members, and the medical imaging community, with trusted information and heartfelt support. Please share any information, thoughts, or questions with us at memberservices@ahra.org, contact us, or, if you're a member, on Connect, our online forum for imaging leaders. If you are not currently a member but would like to be, or know someone who would benefit from the shared knowledge and community here, please join us today. Please check back, as we update this page often. Above all, continue to stay safe, wear a mask, and be well.


AHRA's active, online member forum hosts real-time discussions about COVID-19, where you can ask questions, compare best practices, and be supported.
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COVID-19 WEBINAR & Other Related Resources

Dotmed.com intros free COVID-19 equipment redeployment program to help hospitals support each other. Hospitals can also search listings for specific items such as ventilators. 4/22/20 Proactive Contract Tracing Program begins in MA -4/24/20
 Co-sponsored RBMA and AHRA:  COVID19: Real-time experiences in the trenches
he ACR's COVID-19 Site
Q and A from the RBMA/AHRA webina



AHRA's Newsletter connecting medical imaging leaders to the latest industry news, best practices, and AHRA happenings. Featuring: 
Public Health Experts Worry About Third Wave of Cases  

Kaiser Health News answers questions about COVID-19 vaccines
"Problem Solvers Caucus" Seeks to End Phase 4 Covid Relief Bill Impasse
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 8/31/20 

Federal Response  Update 8/24/20 
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 8/13/20 
Federal Response Update 8/6/20 
Federal Response  Update 7/30/20 
Federal Response Update 7/27/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 7/23/20

COVID-19 Federal Response Update 7/13/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 7/9/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 6/22/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 6/17/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 6/3/20
Survey to Guide Incidental Findings 6/2/20
COVID-19 Federal Response  Update 6/1/20
COVID-19 Federal Response  Update 5/29/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 5/26/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 5/20/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 5/13/20
Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic, by Derek Taylor, BS, CRA, 4/22/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update 4/21/20
From the Frontlines: Leading the Pandemic as a CRA Leader, by Alpana Patel Camilli, CRA, 4/20/20
Learn about Stark Law waivers issued by CMS
OIG and CMS take actions to ease burdens on providers and suppliers 4/6/20
 Summary of CARES Act Supplemental Appropriations  3/27/20                                      
Update on the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Safety) Act  3/27/20
OIG Issues Policy Statement to Reduce/Waive Cost-Sharing Amounts for Telehealth Services during the COVID-19 Outbreak  3/26/20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update- Tuesday, March 24, 202
Unprecedented Times: AHRA's President's Post, Monday, March 23, 20
COVID-19 Federal Response Update – Wednesday, March 18, 20
COVID-19 Real-time experiences in the trenches 
AHRA's President's Post: Unprecedented Times


The latest from the FDA on facilitating access to critical medical supplies.

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The nation's health protection agency. Emergency preparedness advice, travel guidelines, symptom checker, and more.
Strategies for optimizing PPE usage.
Track how quickly PPE is being used at your facility. 
Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety
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The global health organization with resources like interactive maps, situation summaries, dashboards, data, technical guidance, and more.
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