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Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs Committee

The role of the AHRA Regulatory Affairs Committee is to help our members understand, navigate and implement new or changing regulations that affect our industry and specifically, the medical imaging community. Consistent with the goals of AHRA’s Strategic Plan, through participation and interaction with a variety of influential national organizations and alliances, we endeavor to expand awareness of AHRA’s presence and participation within the healthcare space as an important and influential industry leader.

The mission of AHRA’s Regulatory Affairs Committee is to use a systematic approach to evaluate proposed legislation, regulations and budget rules that impact medical imaging. The Committee may also evaluate alliances, partnerships, or coalitions. Existing arrangements will be evaluated annually to ensure that partnerships, alliances, or coalitions further the goals of the organization as stated in the Strategic Plan. All alliances, partnerships or coalitions must include activities to promote the goals of the AHRA.

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