AHRA Announces Launch of Innovative Mentor Program to Boost Member Professional Development

August 14, 2023 – Marlborough, MA

Marlborough, MA – The Association of Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) is proud to unveil its latest offering designed to elevate the professional growth of its members – the AHRA Mentoring for Success ProgramThis new program marks a significant addition to AHRA's suite of services, aimed at empowering members through mentoring relationships and fostering a thriving community.

This important and empowering program was developed with support from GE Healthcare.

The AHRA Mentor Program is a dynamic online program that streamlines the creation of mentorship connections, reinforcing AHRA's commitment to nurturing its members' career journeys. Key features of the program include:

  • Robust Online Tool: The program offers a robust and user-friendly online platform that facilitates the establishment of mentoring relationships, bridging the gap between experienced mentors and mentees seeking guidance.
  • Searchable Database: With its comprehensive searchable database, registered mentees and mentors can efficiently identify individuals whose expertise aligns with their specific needs and aspirations.
  • Tailored User Experience: The program is entirely user-driven, allowing registered members to search for mentors or mentees based on criteria that match their professional goals and requirements.
  • Engaging Community Forum: Participants gain access to the AHRA Mentor Program Community forum, a space designed for open dialogue, idea exchange, and networking. This collaborative platform encourages members to connect, share insights, and collectively evolve.
  • Customizable and Cost-Free: AHRA's Mentor Program offers a simplified and customizable approach to engaging with mentorship opportunities, all without any additional costs for members.

"We are thrilled to introduce the AHRA Mentor Program as a transformative tool for our members' professional growth," said AHRA President, Becky Allen, CRA. "This program exemplifies our unwavering dedication to providing unparalleled resources that enable our members to flourish in their careers."

Aspiring mentees and mentors can find comprehensive information about the program, including frequently asked questions, on the AHRA website. AHRA encourages its members to take advantage of this innovative initiative and embark on a journey of meaningful mentoring relationships.

The AHRA Mentor Program not only reinforces AHRA's commitment to its existing members but also stands as an enticing reason for medical imaging professionals to join AHRA.

For more information, please visit ahra.org/mentor.

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