Annual Meeting Call for Presenters

2024 Call for Presentations

Submissions are being accepted for the AHRA 52nd Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Submission Deadline: 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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Share your knowledge and expertise with your peers.

Add to your professional experience.

Gain personal satisfaction.

AHRA 52nd Annual Meeting and Exposition

August 4-7, 2024

Orlando Marriott World Center | Orlando, Florida

The AHRA Annual Meeting and Exposition is the premier event for medical imaging leaders as well as other healthcare professionals. As a speaker, you will enjoy the prestige and satisfaction of presenting to the most active and committed members of the profession.
Attendees at AHRA's Annual Meeting and Exposition value presentations where the real-life experiences of radiology administrators are included. If you are a consultant or representative of a vendor, please consider partnering with an active radiology administrator in developing your presentation proposal.

Submission Process

All presentation applications must be submitted electronically — no paper applications will be accepted!

This policy is designed to speed up the aplication process. All parts of your presentation submission, including resume(s), must be in electronic format and submitted via AHRA website:

Required information

  • Primary Presenter & Co-Presenter(s)
  • Name and degree/credentials
  • position/Title
  • Institution/Organization
  • Mailing Address, City, State, Zip
  • Email Address
  • Readily available phone number
  • Current CV/Resume (Required for CE accreditation) 

Paragraph-style biographical summary not acceptable — full chronological resume is required. Resume must contain the following information: Work history experience relevant to the topic being proposed; chronological education history listing degrees received; list of previous speaking engagements; list of publications speaker has authored that are relevant to the topic.

Available Presentation Types

60-Minute Sessions

  • May be presented twice
  • Attendance ranges from 50-150 people
  • Lecture-style presentation
  • Questions and answers follow presentation

90-Minute Sessions

  • May be presented twice
  • Attendance ranges from 50-150 people
  • Allow more time for audience participation and interaction


  • Panel moderator serves as the primary presenter
  • 60-minute session
  • Audience engagement through Q&A
  • Panelists may be selected once session is approved from scheduled speakers and AHRA leadership

Workshop (4 hours)

  • May be presented only once
  • Attendance ranges from 10-30 people
  • Paid attendance
  • Allows for a more in-depth and hands-on approach to discussion.

Presentation Information

ALL items below are required.

  1. Title of Presentation (10-word limit)
  2. Preferred Presentation Format (60-Minute, 90-Minute or Workshop)
  3. Session Description — Please supply a 10-sentence (minimum) description of your topic. Be as specific as possible about the material you will cover in your session. Your description will be used in the AHRA mobile app and website, as well as used in AHRA marketing efforts.
  4. Learning Objectives — Provide three takeaways' participants will be able to do at the end of the session. These Learning Objectives should take the form of "You will learn to..." followed by at least three bulleted items that attendees will learn. Sessions submitted without Learning Objectives will not be considered.
  5. Session Category – Which category does your search best fit into? Your session may fit into multiple categries, but please indicate only one Primary (required) and one Secondary (optional) category from the list below.
    • Coding and Compliance
    • Best Practices in Imaging
    • FDA Regulatory Updates - MQSA
    • AUC Implementation
    • CMS
    • Improving Leadership
    • Improving the Patient Experience
    • COVID in 2024 - Looking Forward
  6. Please let us know if you would be willing to make your presentation twice.
  7. Available Dates for Presentation - Please indicate ALL days you would be available

AHRA Annual Meeting

  • Sunday, August 4, 2024
  • Monday, August 5, 2024
  • Tuesday, August 6, 2024
  • Wednesday, August 7, 2024

Speaker Compensation Category

Please let us know which one of the following categories you prefer for compensation:

Category 1

In-Kind Sponsor: Any AHRA Board member, employee of a vendor, OR individuals who are consultants, regardless of AHRA membership status, who are speaking on a topic related directly to their business are recognized through in-kind sponsorship. The speaker receives complimentary meeting registration and the company is acknowledged as an in-kind sponsor.

Category 2

Members, non-members, vendors and consultant speaking on a topic NOT directly related to their business. Compensation is comprised of waiver of registration fee and honorarium of $400 for a single session. For additional session presented, the speaker will receive an additional $100 per session.

Contracts are signed only with the primary presenter, and only the primary presenter is eligible for any speaker compensation.

Review & Acceptance

Submissions are due February 7, 2024. Submitters will be contacted by a member of the design team to schedule an interview discussion about the presentation. Notice of acceptance will be e-mailed in April 2024.


Below is a list of topics that the Annual Meeting Design Team have identified as being of interest to the AHRA membership:


  • Accountable Care Organization (ACOs)
  • Automated breast ultrasound imaging and breast density reporting standards
  • Breast Tomosynthesis - insurance coverage/legislation
  • Career advancement 
  • Compliance and regulatory standards and expectations
  • Creating/Improving the patient experience
  • Emotional Intelligence for imaging leaders
  • Employee satisfaction and impact on patient satisfaction
  • Future of imaging - new developments and technology
  • Health care law and how it impacts imaging
  • Health care reform and reimbursement
  • Imaging Safety and Reporting
  • Increased volume and decreasing reimbursement impact on staffing
  • Joint Commission compliance
  • Leadership development
  • Managing cultural change in your organization
  • Meaningful use
  • Meeting patient satisfaction goals and meeting your budget
  • Mental Health in the workplace
  • Mentorship
  • Patient expectations in today's world
  • Performance management
  • Process improvement in radiology departments and/or outpatient centers
  • Professional development for clinical teams
  • Staff recruitment and retention strategies and solutions