Partners in Learning

An AHRA Education Foundation program generously sponsored by GE Healthcare. This is a unique opportunity to achieve a higher level of personal and professional growth by reviewing another facility's procedures and daily activities in person.

The Partners in Learning program invites AHRA members at any stage of professional development to spend a few days at another healthcare facility. Learn how others manage day- to-day operations and important issues, such as patient safety, equipment, and staffing.

  • Rejuvenate your perspective on current work practices.
  • Get innovative ideas and proven strategies to help you face day-to-day issues.
  • Learn how a colleague has successfully implemented new technologies. 
While not every host is matched each year, the richness of the program stems from having a large group of potential hosts so that each guest may find the right match for his or her needs. Partners in Learning is open to AHRA members only. Now accepting HOST applications.

Host Application (TBA)
Guest Application (TBA)