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Exhibitor Symposium: Imaging Telepresence Solutions: The Next Horizon

During this session we will discuss the innovative approach to teleacquisition and workflow. With COVID -19, the role of teleacquisition, teleaugmentation and telepresence transitioned from concept to reality to many radiology practices. This transition was facilitated by the pandemic, yet it seems to be here to stay, hence sharing the experience, lessons learned and examples, is adding value to all of us in radiology practices. Improving our patients’ experience, reducing staff burnout, and facilitating better care are the outcomes that we are striving to achieve by bringing teleacquisition and workflow innovation.

You will learn:
• Aspects of data utilization at the workspace
• The role of teleacquisition
• How teleaquisition can improve patient and staff experience

This session was presented at AHRA Virtual 2020 and is being brought to you by our corporate partner  

Exhibitor Symposium: State of the Imaging Market 2020

As purchasers increasingly direct patients to imaging services based on both price and quality, imaging providers need to refocus their strategy towards providing and communicating high value care. This presentation will review imaging’s financial outlook and growth projections, why quality should remain a top priority for imaging programs, and the importance of successfully communicating quality with purchasers, referring physicians, and patients.

You will learn to:
• Identify demand outlook for imaging services
• Understand the impact of major market trends including clinical decision support, price transparency, payer and employer steerage, and artificial intelligence
• Understand the importance of defining and communicating quality and value in imaging services today

This session was presented at AHRA Virtual 2020 and is being brought to you by our corporate partner  

Exhibitor Symposium: The Importance of Digitalization and Partnerships - Especially in Challenging Times

Michael Haynes, MBA – Associate Vice President of Operations, Radiology, Geisinger
Terry Talbot, BS – Sr. Vice President, Digital Health, Siemens Healthineers
Aalpen Patel, MD, BE – Chair, Department of Radiology Medical Director for Artificial Intelligence, Steele Institute for Healthcare Innovation Medical Director of 3D Laboratory Vice Chair of Informatics (Radiology), Geisinger

How is digitalization transforming care delivery? Dr. Patel and Mr. Haynes will discuss Geisinger’s digital journey, including how they set meaningful objectives and how they continue to leverage technology, like AI, to improve patient care and optimize operations. Learn what guidance they would give to anyone who is beginning or in the middle of their organization’s own digital transformation.

You will learn to:
• Question and evaluate the potential of your own digitalization projects
• Identify the clinical and operational importance of structured data
• Strategically evaluate technology investment
• View technology through the new lens of COVID-19

This session was presented at AHRA Virtual 2020 and is being brought to you by our corporate partner