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Recent Webinars:
• AI – Are we there yet? 2021 Predictions for continued AI adoption
• Addressing Failed Follow-Ups: From Insight to Action
• A Sense of Urgency: Reframing our Approach to DEI Initiatives in Radiology
• Optimizing Safety in Pediatric MRI: New Data, New Approvals
• 2021 Coding & Reimbursement Seminar
• Imaging in the Fastlane: Increasing MRI Efficiency and Workflows
• Balancing Vulnerability and Logic to Lead Your Team
• 3D Imaging Labs: Costs & Benefits of Outsourced vs. In-house Post-Processing
• Spectral CT Deployment In A Large Multi-Hospital Health Care System
• Space Travel and the Brain, MR Imaging
• How Software Enhancements and Analytics Improve Clinical Workflow
• Density “Inform” and Insurance Legislation Update

Recent Quick Credit:
• Management Reorganization of a Radiology Department During the COVID-19 Pandemic in a University Hospital Structured in Multiple Buildings
• Single-Exposure, Digital, Dual-Energy Subtraction X-Ray Ushers in a New Era of Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging
• Eight Practical Steps to Build Resilience
• Patient Abandonment and the Refusal to Treat: When Patients Reject Mask Mandates
• Patient and Visitor Amenities in the Healthcare Setting
• Radiology Reports: Effective Communication Reduces Patient Harm and Malpractice Liability
• Leadership Behind the Personal Protective Equipment
• COVID-19 and PTSD: A Discussion of the Potential Impact on Radiology Professionals
• Outpatient MRI Schedule Optimization Using Patient Movement Tracking
• New Bundled Codes for 2019 and 2020: An Update
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