CRA Exam Scholarship

The CRA Exam Scholarship provides opportunities for AHRA members who might not otherwise be able to afford the registration fees associated with the test to take the CRA exam. The CRA Exam Scholarship will cover exam fees and application fees (when applicable). The exam fees will be paid by the AHRA Education Foundation. Scholarship will not cover late fees, change fees, or international test administration fees.

All applicants must submit a CRA exam application and all required documentation prior to or with the scholarship application (below). Payment of CRA exam application and exam fees does not need to accompany scholarship applicants' exam applications, but applicants who are not awarded a scholarship will not be registered for the CRA exam unless payment is made.

One scholarship will be awarded to a first-time test taker and one will be awarded to a retake applicant. Four scholarships will be awarded annually. Exam eligibility will be verified by the CRA certification coordinator prior to scholarship selection.
  • May 2018 Exam scholarship deadline – February 2, 2018
  • November 2018 Exam scholarship deadline – August 6, 2018
Evaluation criteria include:
  • Applicant must be an AHRA member in good standing
  • Reason for pursuing the CRA 
  • Readiness to take advantage of this opportunity at this time 
  • Financial need for the scholarship
To find out more about the CRA credential go to