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AHRA student membership is an important first step in starting your career in radiology administration strong! As a student member of AHRA, you'll be part of an influential community of industry experts and medical imaging leaders who set the standard for providing quality care, innovative use of technologies, and best practices in medical imaging management. 

When you augment your classroom experience with AHRA membership, you’ll discover the latest trends, best practices, and find out how to tackle the ever-changing healthcare landscape. AHRA membership bridges classroom learning to real world application. By joining 5,000+ of your future peers, you’ll gain access to AHRA’s wide portfolio of professional development resources including conferences and webinars, networking opportunities, and award winning publications. Click here to view the full list of benefits.

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 Top Member Benefits  Member Retail You
Price Price Save
Radiology Management  $0 $100 $100
Quick Credits (CEUs)* $0 $150 $150
AHRA Annual Meeting $675 $795 $120
AHRA Spring Conference $425 $565 $140
Virtual Fall Conference  $199 $399 $200
Webinars** $0 $297 $297
AHRA Professional Development Textbook  $65 $99 $34
Coding Seminars $199 $399 $200
Staff Modeling Tool $99 $299 $200
CRA Exam Workshop $199 $349 $150
Access to Leading Industry Experts $0 N/A Priceless
Benefit Savings Potential
* Retail cost per 12 credits annually                                                                           
** Retail cost for 3 annually
Your Value on Investment (savings less investment: $1,591 - $75) $1,516

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Student Membership:
• 1 Year Membership: $75.00
• Be enrolled in an accredited graduate degree program in Radiologic or Healthcare Sciences*
• (Or) Be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate degree program in Radiologic or Healthcare Sciences
• Must maintain a B average or above
• Be employed in a non-management position (part-time or full-time) OR be unemployed
• Enrollment in a business program such as MBA may also qualify for student membership provided the student holds a current registration in Imaging (i.e. RT(R), CNMT, RDMS, RVT, ARMRIT, etc.)
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Note: A student membership is only valid for 3 years – student must submit proof of enrollment for each year along with GPA