Jason Scott, CRA, FAHRA - Candidate for AHRA Director

Chief Patient Experience Officer, Director, Imaging/Respiratory/Neurodiagnostics/Wound Care/Hematology/Oncology at Witham Health Services in Lebanon, IN 

I have a deep passion for AHRA. I can remember attending my first AHRA Annual Meeting in 2009 as a recipient of the Osborn Scholarship. I was a newly minted Chief MRI Technologist with minimal training in radiology leadership. From attending this Annual Meeting, I was impressed with three traits that AHRA members possess: Helpfulness, friendliness, and kindness. Throughout the years, I have witnessed these three traits in action. If I have an issue that is difficult to solve, all I have to do is reach out to my fellow AHRA members, either personally or through the forum. Whenever I attend any AHRA function, I am impressed with how friendly everyone is…they treat you like family! I have witnessed the kindness that fellow AHRA members show, especially in times of hardship. As an AHRA Director, I will make certain that our organization never loses these traits; that we continue to be the organization that helps one another. I would expand membership by making radiology leaders aware of the benefits AHRA has to offer. I would make networking a priority. Furthermore, I would encourage AHRA volunteerism; as this has been a great benefit to me. I have volunteered for numerous committees during my tenure on the board, including the finance and membership committees. I have participated in task forces involving products/services and mega issues. I have published articles in Link and Radiology Management.

Outside of AHRA, I am a board member of our local Chamber of Commerce, where I have served two-terms as President and one term as Secretary. I am also involved in a nation-wide diagnostic imaging council. My servant leadership philosophy, along with my previous board experiences, would be a perfect match for AHRA. I would be honored to serve a second term on the AHRA Board of Directors.

Question & Answer

What do you see as the primary role of AHRA’s Board of Directors? 
The primary role of the AHRA Board of Directors is to enhance the knowledge and networking capabilities of our members while, at the same time, increasing our membership and presence in the radiology community.

What makes you an excellent leader?
I would define my leadership style as that of a servant leader. I consider the needs of others and collaborate with them in order to achieve desired goals. As an AHRA leader, I would listen to our members’ daily challenges and ask what the AHRA can do to better facilitate the issues facing radiology administrators today. I would then collaborate with key stakeholders to come up with a viable solution. 

How do you define governance? Describe your experience with strategic planning.
I would define governance as assuring the needs of our stakeholders are being met while making sure that our strategic plan is being followed in a way that matches our code of conduct.
I have extensive experience in strategic planning. Within my organization, I participate on the strategic planning committee. We meet bi-weekly to assure that our goals are aligned to our strategic plan. Outside of my work, as a board member of the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT), I served on the strategic planning committee. I have written a journal article in in Radiologic Technology titled, “JRCERT’s Strategic Planning Vision from a Radiology Management Perspective.” I have also served two terms as President of my local Chamber of Commerce, where I regularly participated in strategic planning.

What was your initial reason for joining AHRA, and why do you choose to continue your membership?
I originally joined AHRA in 2009 because I had limited experience as a leader and wanted to broaden my scope in radiology management. Carlos Vasquez, former AHRA President, encouraged me to join. I started attending Annual Meetings in 2009 as a recipient of the Osborn Scholarship. From that point on, I realized how valuable AHRA membership was to me. I have met numerous radiology leaders through AHRA and have learned so much from all of them. 

I continue my AHRA membership because I believe in it. Having the ability to network with a wide array of AHRA members has definitely made me a better leader. I honestly believe that I would not be the leader I am today if it were not for my AHRA network. When I have difficulty with a situation I know that all I have to do is reach out to my contacts, either personally or through the forum, and I would have a solution to my problem. I have served numerous times on the AHRA membership committee, recruiting radiology leaders to join this wonderful organization. I have also hosted many AHRA area meetings to increase membership.

What would you say to a peer who was on the fence about becoming a member?
I would highly encourage radiology leaders, or aspiring radiology leaders, to join AHRA. The vast array of information will broaden their knowledge base. Radiology Management, various conferences, and the forum, among others, will make them a better leader, no matter what level of leadership they are in or aspiring to be.

Professional History and Experience

Medical Imaging Management: 15 Years
Medical Imaging: 24 Years
Work History:

• 2010-present: Chief Patient Experience Officer, Director Imaging/Neurodiagnostics/ Pulmonary/ Wound Care/Hematology/Oncology, Witham Health Services, Lebanon IN
• 2000-present: MRI Technologist, Franciscan St. Elizabeth-Lafayette, Lafayette IN
• 2005-2010: Chief MRI/CT Technologist, Franciscan St. Elizabeth-Lafayette, Lafayette IN
• 1996-2000: Radiologic/MRI Technologist, Indiana University Hospital/Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis IN

• 2007: MBA, Business Administration – Health Care Specialization, Indiana Wesleyan University, IN
• 2000: B.S., Medical Imaging Technology, Indiana University, IN
• 1996: A.S., Radiography, Indiana University, IN

• 2014: FAHRA, AHRA
• 2011: CRA, AHRA
• 2000: RT(MR), ARRT
• 1996: RT(R), ARRT

AHRA / AHRA EF Offices, Appointments, and Activities

AHRA member since 2009, CRA since 2011, Fellow since 2014 • 2017-current: Board Member,AHRA Board of Directors • 2011-current: Committee Member, Membership Committee • 2018-current: Committee Member, Finance Committee • 2019: Committee Member, Task Force to Evaluate Products and Services  • 2017-2018: Author, Link • 2017: Committee Member, Mega Issue Task Force  • 2017: Annual Meeting Design Team Chairperson, AHRA Annual Meeting • 2017, 2014: Indpls Area Chairperson, Local meeting • 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017: Zone Leader, Membership Committee • 2016: Author, Human Resource Management Textbook • 2014, 2015, 2016: Member, Annual Meeting Design Team • 2015, 2014, 2013: Author, Link • 2014: Fellow, AHRA • 2011-2014: Editorial Review Board, Radiology Management • 2013: Editorial Award, Radiology Management – Outstanding article • 2013: RACC Nominations Commission, CRA • 2013, 2012: Member, Development Campaign • 2013: Author, Radiology Management • 2012: Author, Radiology Management • 2012: Fall Design Team Chairperson, AHRA Fall Conference • 2010-2012: Design Team, AHRA Fall Conference • 2010: Author, Radiology Management • 2010: Advisor, Operations Management Textbook • 2010: Volunteer, AHRA Annual Meeting • 2009: Osborn Scholarship, AHRA Annual Meeting

Other Professional and Community Activities

• 2016-Present: Boone County Chamber of Commerce, President 2018-2019 and Secretary 2017
• 2019-Present: Vizient, Diagnostic Imaging Council
• 2015: JRCERT, Board Member-AHRA Liaison
• 2014: Lebanon Area Boys & Girls Club, Board Member 

Other Board Experience

• 2016-Present: Boone County Chamber of Commerce, President/Secretary/Board Member 
• 2015-2017: JRCERT, Board Member – AHRA Liaison
• 2014: Lebanon Area Boys and Girls Club, Board Member

Fundraising Experience

• 2001-Present: Boone County 4-H Clubs, Volunteer
• 2011-present: United Way, Volunteer
• 2010-present: Witham Health Services Foundation, Volunteer

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