Jamie Coder, CRA - Candidate for AHRA Director

Operations Manager-Radiology at Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse, WI 

I am seeking the Board of Directors position, to ultimately give back to an organization that has done so much for my professional growth. I would be honored to assist in the development and education of other healthcare leaders and organizations so that they understand the unique value and diverse knowledge Radiology leaders require to succeed. In my opinion, the Board of Directors’ opportunity is not about being in the spotlight but making others shine.  The organization has gone through a lot of changes, but I am committed to continuing the focus on its members. Structure and transparency in operational and strategic decisions provide a powerful message to our members and this needs to continue. My contributions to the board would include the following: willingness to go above and beyond to capitalize on any opportunities, deliver provocative questions to move beyond the status quo while respecting everyone’s opinions and continue to expand AHRA’s diverse membership and capture new members. The Board of Directors position allows an avenue to facilitate improvement of succession planning to engage all generations and continue to offer valuable education, resources and support to all Radiology leaders. My passion for AHRA began when a few members shared with me why they support AHRA and volunteer. It would be an honor to share my enthusiasm with others and represent our organization with as much pride as all the Directors have done, past and present. I am a true believer of AHRA’s mission. I am AHRA.

Question & Answer

What do you see as the primary role of AHRA’s Board of Directors? 
The primary role should be representing the voice of its members. The Directors are in a valuable position where they can influence change of our ever growing and changing professional field. It is important for the Directors to stay involved in current events and support the education of our Radiology leaders. From a new leader to an experienced executive, AHRA Board of Directors are responsible for serving all levels.

What makes you an excellent leader?
I am a servant leader that believes that every person has value in their role. Supporting and encouraging those experts to use their skills to grow is the highlight of my career. I never want to stop learning. I encourage partnership outside the Radiology world. During early years of my leadership experience, I worked on Evenings. Working alongside teams from Emergency Room, Environmental Services, BioMed, and Nursing Administration has taught me that progress, growth and positive change can only happen with teamwork. It is important to understand all aspects of healthcare leadership and how everyone’s role is valuable for success. I am typically the “thought-provoking” member of a committee/meeting.   I am passionate about employees’ well-being, patient care and safety in the organization. 

How do you define governance? Describe your experience with strategic planning.
Governance can be described as the structured decision making process that includes multiple disciplines and expertise. Successful governance includes accountability, participation, clear expectations, transparency and equal opportunity to be heard.  In my career I have been involved in multiple strategic planning and implementation efforts. My experience includes: rewriting the mission, vision and values of an organization,  consulting with advisory board to develop staffing productivity metrics, facilitating and coordinating efforts for multiple software and platform implementations,  facilitating capital planning projects and working to develop capacity and demand targets points to improve access in Radiology to name a few.  While not always an easy task, I have been involved in strategic efforts to improve the NOI including generating suggestions to restructure FTE, implement new services or retire underutilized services.

What was your initial reason for joining AHRA, and why do you choose to continue your membership?
I originally was looking for a way to bridge my professional experience and education in Radiology. My Director at the time introduced me to AHRA and the CRA certification. I decided it was worth my personal investment to attend the CRA workshop in New Orleans. The workshop was an all-day event where I met multiple people that, to this day, I connect with for advice. In November, I took my CRA exam and passed.  But I really had no idea what AHRA was going to mean to me and my professional career until the following year, when my peer/friend and I again decided to pay our way to head to Minneapolis for our first AHRA Annual Meeting. There I met what I now call my friends/family/support system. AHRA members were unbelievably welcoming. The classes were informative and key notes were inspiring. By the end of the conference, the knowledge gained and encouragement to volunteer was invaluable. From then on I didn’t want to miss an event. I personally invested into my professional growth for the next Spring, Annual and Fall Conferences. Ultimately I was awarded an Annual Meeting Scholarship. The scholarship also empowered me to continue supporting the organization with more volunteer opportunities and donations to the Education Foundation. I believe in giving back. As I continue to support and be supported by AHRA, I will be a career long member.

What would you say to a peer who was on the fence about becoming a member?
There is nothing like having over 5000 Radiology leaders that understand exactly what you do, at your fingertips. The nation-wide expertise can help provide feedback, offer suggestions, solutions or sometimes just support. The AHRA helps keep you up-to-date on current regulatory requirements and how these specifically affect the Radiology field. I have also encouraged the AHRA membership committee to form a reference sheet on how the AHRA membership is valuable for different roles (i.e. Nurse Managers, Technologists and Administration without Radiology background but oversees Radiology.)

Professional History and Experience

Medical Imaging Management: 15 Years
Medical Imaging: 20 Years
Work History:

• 2015-present: Operation Manager- Radiology, Mayo Clinic Health System- Franciscan Healthcare, La Crosse, WI
• 2005-2015: Radiology Supervisor, North Kansas City Hospital, North Kansas City, MO
• 2004-2015: Diagnostic Technologist, North Kansas City Hospital, North Kansas City, MO
• 2000-2004: Traveling Diagnostic Technologist, Aureus Medical, Omaha, NE


• 2012: Healthcare Administration, Ashford University, IA
• 2010: Healthcare Administration, Washburn University, KS
• 2000: Radiologic Technology, Washburn University, KS

• 2012: CRA, AHRA
• 2000: RTR, ARRT

AHRA / AHRA EF Offices, Appointments, and Activities

AHRA member since 2013 • 2019-2020: Annual Meeting Design Team (full), AHRA Annual Meeting • 2019: Author, Link • 2019: Annual Meeting Design Team (onsite), AHRA Annual Meeting • 2019: Annual Appeal committee member, Education Foundation Annual Appeal • 2016-2017: Annual Meeting Design Team (full), AHRA Annual Meeting • 2016: Annual Meeting Design Team (onsite), AHRA Annual Meeting • 2015: Annual Appeal committee member, Education Foundation Annual Appeal • 2015: Volunteer, AHRA Annual Meeting

Other Professional and Community Activities

• 2020: Mayo Clinic, Teamwork of Excellence Award – member of SERF project team
• 2015: Blue Dragon Festival, Face painting and Breast Cancer Survivor event
• 2005-2014: North Kansas City Hospital, Chip in for Charity Golf Tournament volunteer
• 2008: North Kansas City Hospital, AWARD: Employee of the Year
• 2007: North Kansas City Hospital, AWARD: Employee of the Month

Other Board Experience

• 2018-2019: La Crosse Girlchoir, Board President • 2016-2018: La Crosse Girlchoir, Director (Secretary)

Fundraising Experience

• 2016-2019: La Crosse Girlchoir, Board of Director (researched, created, organized and facilitated fundraising events)
• 2015, 2019: EF Annual Appeal Committee, Education Foundation Appeals Committee (phone calls, emails and onsite fundraising efforts)

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