FAQs: Attendees

Has the 2020 AHRA Annual Meeting and Exposition been cancelled?
Due to ongoing safety concerns, travel restrictions, and state-mandated restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the physical event in Boston was not feasible for 2020. Instead, we are excited to announce that the AHRA Annual has been reimagined as a content-filled, dynamic virtual experience with a full program of inspiring sessions, networking, and exhibitor opportunities planned for August 11-13, 2020.

Why wasn’t the in-person Annual Meeting rescheduled to a later date, or a different location?
The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty about when, where, and at what level of safety large groups will be able to gather. We cannot foresee when travel restrictions for many of our members will be lifted. A virtual meeting will allow us to offer valuable education and information in this time of uncertainty.

Will the cost for the virtual meeting be different than the in-person event in Boston? And if I paid for the in-person meeting, will I be reimbursed the difference if I decide to attend the virtual event?
Cost for members is $250 USD; Non-members cost is $325 USD, and includes AHRA membership through 2020.
If you paid to attend the Boston Meeting, you have options that include applying those funds to the virtual event and receiving a refund on the balance, (or you can choose to donate the balance to the Education Foundation); applying the funds to the 2021 meeting in Nashville, or requesting a full refund. Registrants have been sent an email with an online submission form including these options.

If I’m unable or unwilling to attend the Virtual Meeting, will my registration fee be refunded?
Yes, AHRA will refund registration payments. Registrants will receive email confirmation once the refund has been processed. Please watch for an email that includes an online submission form with the different options available to you.

If I’m unable or unwilling to attend the Virtual Meeting, can my registration fee be applied to the 2021 AHRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN?
Yes, and we’d be thrilled to have you join us in Nashville in 2021. Just make that selection on the online submission form, and we'll send you a confirmation email once that's done.

I want to be part of the new 2020 AHRA virtual event in August! How do I participate?
Registration is now open for the Virtual Annual Meeting, so SIGN UP HERE!  

Can I earn CE Credits? How many credits will be available?
Yes, the low registration fee includes the ability to earn more Category 1 ARRT Credits than ever- up to 30 CE Credits. That's as little as around $8 per credit! 

How do I cancel my hotel room in Boston?
If you booked within the official AHRA hotel block, the Sheraton or Marriott Copley Place will cancel your reservation and send an email confirmation following cancellation of your booking. If you booked on your own, you will need to cancel your own reservation by communicating with the hotel.

Are you refunding flight or other travel costs?
No. We will not refund individual travel costs. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact your provider for information and next steps. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I was invited to the reception for new members? Will this still happen?
Although the traditional format of the Reception presents some challenges for adaptation to the virtual meeting, we are brainstorming ways to accomplish this and hope to offer an alternative.

I was accepted as a speaker for the in-person AHRA 2020 Annual Meeting. Will I still get to participate as a presenter in the virtual conference?
The virtual program is currently being developed, and the number of sessions offered may be reduced. All speakers will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss the options available to them as virtual presenters and again once the schedule has been finalized. 

I won a scholarship to attend the Annual Meeting in Boston? Can I use it for the Virtual Meeting, or are there other options?
Yes, you may use it for the virtual meeting. Please contact Dana Cutter at dcutter@ahra.org directly.

There’s usually an Award ceremony at the Annual Meeting? Will there still be one?
Typically, this is an invite only event when in person. The format will likely change.

How will I get to see all the exhibitors I usually meet with & learn about their products?
We are planning a robust virtual experience with our exhibitors. The meeting will include an online interactive exhibit hall and opportunities to participate on many different levels. More information will follow soon.

My employer paid for me to attend the Annual Meeting and is asking for proof that the conference was cancelled.
Please use the email notification sent from AHRA’s President Chris Tomlinson and AHRA’s CEO Daniel Kelsey on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 to serve as the official notice that the 2020 Annual Meeting has been cancelled. If additional information is needed, please contact memberservices@ahra.org  

How are you handling AHRA’s remaining 2020 events?
We will continue to monitor the spread of coronavirus and will make determinations on an event by event basis. First and foremost, we are committed to our mission to keep patients and healthcare workers safe and maintain our values of communication, innovation, quality, and collaboration. We will communicate any changes via AHRA.org and through direct outreach to registrants.

Are you refunding flight or travel costs?
AHRA does not manage refunds related to individual travel costs. Please contact your travel agent or airline directly to discuss specific cancellation policies and refund information. In some cases, airlines may offer refunds with no cancellation fees due to travel bans.

Are you refunding hotel costs?
If you booked within the official AHRA hotel block, the Sheraton or Marriott Copley Place will cancel your reservation and send an email confirmation following cancellation of your booking. If you did not book a hotel in the official AHRA housing block, you must contact your hotel/lodging directly to cancel your reservation. 

The airline wants proof that the conference was cancelled. Do you have that?
Yes. Please use this Official Letter of Cancellation that the AHRA 2020 Annual Meeting in Boston, MA has been cancelled. If additional information is needed, please contact memberservices@ahra.org 

I joined AHRA as a new member at the same time I registered for the Annual Meeting. Can I keep my AHRA membership?
AHRA Membership is separate from your 2020 Annual Meeting registration.  Please contact memberservices@ahra.org if you have any questions about your benefits. AHRA membership is non-refundable.
I agree/disagree with the decision to make the AHRA 2020 Annual Meeting Virtual. Who can I talk to about this?   
You may contact us here, or send feedback to us at info@ahra.org. We're listening.

FAQs: Exhibitors & Sponsors

Since AHRA has transitioned the 2020 Annual Meeting to virtual, what will happen with my exhibit booth or sponsorship fees?
You will have several options for consideration. Additional information was emailed to you from AHRAExhibits@conferencemanagers.com on June 1, 2020 on how to apply fees to the virtual meeting or the 2021 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.

How will 2021 exhibit booth selections be handled?
We will continue to pre-sell exhibit space for 2021, and information will be available by June 1.  We will offer virtual booth selection appointments the week of July 13-17.  Information regarding your appointment time will be emailed to the main contact. 

How will my priority points be handled for 2020?
Exhibitor and sponsor priority points will be awarded as they were accrued by May 13, 2020.  Exhibitors and sponsors who participate in the virtual meeting will earn additional priority points towards their 2021 booth selection.  

Will exhibitors or sponsors be refunded for booth space?
Yes, exhibitors are being offered several options to apply fees toward the virtual meeting or 2021. Please complete this link to let us know what you would like to do with your monies paid to date.

Corporate Partners

Corporate partners may contact Francesca Lenzi at foundation@ahra.org or 630-470-7445.

Questions or Comments

Attendee and Member Questions: Contact Us or email memberservices@ahra.org

Exhibitor Questions: AHRAexhibits@conferencemanagers.com

Speaker Questions: AHRAspeakers@conferencemanagers.com

Corporate Sponsor Questions: foundation@ahra.org