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Neusoft Medical Systems USA to Introduce the NeuViz 16 Essence 16-Slice CT Scanner at AHRA 2018 Annual Meeting

Houston, TX, June 25, 2018 – At the AHRA Annual Meeting taking place July 22-15, 2018 in Orlando, Florida, Neusoft Medical Systems USA will introduce its latest CT innovation. The NeuViz 16 Essence is a 16-slice CT system designed to elevate routine imaging for exceptional results, ideally suited for US healthcare providers and FDA 510(k) cleared. 

Despite rapid advances in CT technology, the 16-slice CT scanner remains the most commonly used scanner for non-cardiac imaging. The workhorse of diagnostics, a 16-slice scanner typically costs 30-40% less than a 64-slice system with 20-30% lower annual service expenses. Meanwhile, reimbursement for non-cardiac imaging is the same whether using a 64 over a 16. 

Neusoft Medical Systems USA President, Christopher A. McHan said, “With reimbursement stagnating, providers must compare the clinical and financial benefits of imaging with 16-slice versus 64-slice CT, making the Essence a compelling option in today’s CT market place. Providers will receive more clinical information than previously possible with 16-slice technology, while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.”

The NeuViz 16 Essence technology is built with the same ease of use and reliability of the mature NeuViz 16 CT system plus the recent technical innovations developed for the NeuViz 128 CT platform. Combining a full complement of advanced applications – at no additional cost – the NeuViz 16 Essence represents the best value in the worldwide 16-slice market. Additionally, patient-centered features include a wider bore, optimal gantry tilt, and a minimal couch height of 43 cm to provide easy access for all patients. The NeuViz 16 Essence is also fully compliant with XR 29 standards in accordance with the MITA Smart Dose campaign to advance low-dose imaging technology. 

"Neusoft has been a valued partner to AHRA and our Education Foundation for the past 6 years.  Their support allows us to expand our educational and networking opportunities for our members and we look forward to their participation in our 2018 Annual Meeting and Exposition."  Angelic Bush, AHRA President.

About Neusoft Medical Systems

Neusoft Medical Systems is a leading manufacturer of medical equipment and service provider.  Neusoft’s leadership in software development has led the company to become a global leader in medical equipment and service. The Neusoft portfolio includes: CT, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound, PET/CT, and Medical Imaging Cloud. Neusoft Medical expanded its leadership by establishing international subsidiaries in the USA, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Russia, Brazil, Kenya, Germany and Vietnam. Learn more at http://medical.neusoft.com/en/   
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Neusoft Medical Systems USA Contact: 
Christopher McHan, President 
Neusoft Medical Systems USA
E-mail: christopher.mchan@us.neusoft.com
Phone: 281.453.1205