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TIPS for EQUIP: Real Life Solutions for Technologists and Radiologists
Louise C. Miller
As of January 1, 2018 citations will be given to imaging centers that do not have a blueprint in place to improve image quality under the new MQSA/EQUIP guidelines. This 1 hour webinar will focus on providing a greater understanding of what is requi..

Paperless QC: Winners, Losers, and Proven Strategies for 2018 Inspection Success
Steve Backes, Rania Johnson, Angela Snyder
AHRA has again partnered with Atirix®, provider of the QC-Track® paperless Quality Control Information System™, to explore the latest imaging QC regulations and technologies. This year the focus is on the changing QC landscape and priorities for 2018..

*The Joint Commission 2018 Standards & Changes
Judith Atkins
What are the current hot topics with Joint Commission Surveyors? Join us to hear an accreditation specialist discuss feedback from surveys of Imaging Departments in 2017 and hot topics for 2018...

Ask For It: Women and the Power of Negotiation
Sara Laschever
Whether they want higher salaries, better career opportunities, or more help at home, women are much less likely than men to ask for what they want. When women do ask, they tend to mimic the forceful, competitive negotiating style favored by men, whi..

Reducing Radiology Exam Repeat Rate
Rebecca Pryor
Additional scans, added costs and unnecessary radiation dose to your patients – repeat imaging can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) Radiology Department cut its rad..

7 Benefits of Workflow Orchestration Solutions
Itai Galili
Using real life examples, this session will discuss some of the ways workflow orchestration solutions have helped departments improve efficiency, make direct positive impact on patient care and reduce costs. Focus areas will include quality workflows..

EQUIP - An Essential MQSA Inspection Update
Bonnie Rush
The MQSA has increased the overall effectiveness of mammography in early detection but image quality (IQ) remains the most cited cause of accreditation and ultimate certification failure. The goal of Enhancing Quality Under The Inspection Process (EQ..

Decoding the Hidden Message in Your Employee Engagement Scores
Lori Thies
This session will offer ways to help leaders use the survey data and build value in their employees. Improving employee engagement is not for the weak at heart. It takes time and energy. Both are valuable commodities, so it is important that you inve..

Lessons from a Large-scale Health System’s Journey toward Constant Dose Awareness
Crockett Bone
This session will summarize a large-scale health system’s primary strategy, activities, tools and commitment having been necessary for the implementation and sustainability of an organizational dose management program. Focus areas will include clinic..

*2017 Coding & Reimbursement Seminar: Interventional Radiology
Melody Mulaik
Participants will learn about and discuss the interventional radiology updates for 2017. They will provide vital information to avoid costly errors through an understanding of the various operational and compliance concerns for radiology. The session..

*2017 Coding & Reimbursement Seminar: Diagnostic Radiology
Melody Mulaik
Participants will learn about and discuss the diagnostic radiology updates for 2017 as well as other key areas of concern. They will provide vital information to avoid costly errors through an understanding of the various operational and compliance c..

Data-Driven Performance Improvement
Ronald Bucci and Vijay Parthasarathy
In this archived webinar we will present examples from our experience in creating an infrastructure for data-driven practice management in imaging services within several institutions in the United States and Canada. Examples include establishing dat..

Achieving Excellence 24/7 – As Measured by the Human Experience
Eric B. Lo Monaco
In this archived webinar we’ve discovered that our promise to our patients—“when it comes to your health everything matters”— is more fully implemented when real-time listening and follow-up accompany our services. Excellence 24/7 (E 24-7), which beg..

How to Launch and Sustain an Enterprise Dose Management Program
Laura E. Gruber
Today, Radiology Administrators are charged with ensuring dose-related compliance and safety initiatives across their entire organization. But how do they help ensure that their dose management program realizes its potential to minimize radiation and..

The Value of Using Skin Markers in 3D Breast Tomosynthesis
Richard J. Foster
This webinar will illustrate how the use of mammography skin markers in combination with 3D breast imaging can assist with higher specificity, help clarify findings to reduce risk of false negatives or positives, provide permanent documentation of ph..