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Keynote: Making Lasting Images - The Art and Science of Patient Experiences

Presented by Jake Poore – Integrated Loyalty Systems, Inc., Orlando, FL
As a patient navigates healthcare, their impressions are formed by looking through all four lenses of their experience, the Process, the People, the Physical Environment, and the actual Product (or procedure) they came in for (X-ray, CT Scan, MRI, etc.). World-class healthcare providers combine the best of all four lenses together into exceptional patient experiences, but savvy providers realize you can’t always control all four lenses - so what one thing can you improve? In this session, Jake Poore, President of Integrated Loyalty Systems, will help participants gain awareness of all four lenses of the patient experience and discover best practices and lessons learned from imaging departments across the country - to take back and apply to their practice.

You will learn to:
• Dissect the patient experience into four distinct pieces and start to see though the patient’s eyes.
• Begin to identify and remove visual intrusions that unintentionally add anxiety and erode patient trust.
• Take away best practices to apply to your clinic, department or facility.

CRA Domains: CI, OM
CE Credits: 1

10 Things You Should Never Do as a Leader

Presented by Sandy Geroux, MS – WOWplace International, LLC, Orlando, FL
Most leaders don’t want to be good leaders, they want to be great leaders. They not only want their people to help them look good, but they truly care about helping others succeed in their own right. Great leaders recognize that the more successful their people are, the more successful their entire organization will be. They also know that people don’t leave companies… they leave people, and in our competitive job market they must engage their best team members to keep them from being snatched up by other companies. However, leaders are only human and sometimes have “blind spots” that prevent them from recognizing the actions, words and attitudes they exhibit that may be hindering the creativity and engagement of their teams. Recognizing and changing even small things about the way they interact can bring big results because leadership impacts employee engagement, customer service, productivity, sales, profits… everything! So, it is imperative to get leadership right. Through a series of examples and case studies, Sandy will share the 10 most common activities leaders must stop doing immediately, as well as uplifting stories, ideas, templates and models to help them focus on positive everyday behaviors they can implement now. She will also help attendees recognize their “emotional logo™” and how they can change their emotional “branding” to inspire their teams to produce higher results.

You will learn to:
• Recognize and eliminate unconscious behaviors and habits that hinder team performance.
• Utilize tools and templates to help you focus on positive daily behaviors.
• Become much more consistent in getting positive results from your team members.

CRA Domains: HR, CI
CE Credits: 1

Coding and Compliance 2018 and Beyond

Presented by Melody Mulaik, MSHS – Coding Strategies, Inc., Powder Springs, GA
This session will cover the new 2018 CPT procedure codes in as much detail as is available in October.  Available reimbursement and compliance updates will be discussed as well as the current state of audits with a focus specifically on radiology concerns. Information from the Proposed Rules that specifically impact Radiology reimbursement will also be discussed.

You will learn to:
• Review current coding and reimbursement updates for 2018.
• Discuss audit activity and concerns specifically for radiology.
• Discuss your specific coding concerns.

CRA Domains: FM
CE Credits: 1

MRI safety – How the industry has responded to minimize risk?

Dr. Zachary Friis, Ph.D., DABR, MRSE – West Physics, Atlanta, GA
The presenters will briefly review the history of MR Safety in an effort to discuss why we are where we are now.  The presenters will discuss the various approaches the different accrediting bodies have used to improve MR Safety. The presenters will present feedback from the Joint Commission survey findings and discuss industry findings from ACR Annual Physics surveys. The presenters will discuss how imaging departments can improve upon these findings to improve MR Safety in their own imaging departments. Finally, we will discuss what new efforts are being made to formalize the various roles your key MRI personnel have in regards to creating a safe MR environment for patients, personnel, and visitors.

You will learn to:
Review the history of the ACR MRI Safe Practice Guidelines, and the motivation behind creating them. Review the implementation of the Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event Alert and 2015 Imaging Standards and the motivation for creating them for MRI Safety.
Discuss the MRI elements of performance physicists have focused on in accordance with new ACR testing guidelines, and the recommendations for improvement that they have made to accredited facilities.
Discuss the changing culture in MR Safety, and the formalized roles that are coming.

CRA Domains: OM, HR, AM
CE Credits: 1

Regulatory Update: What you Need to Know Today!

Presented by Sheila Sferrella, MAS, CRA, RT(R), FAHRA – Regents Health Resources, Franklin, TN and Melody Mulaik, MSHS – Coding Strategies, Inc., Powder Springs, GA
Healthcare regulatory changes are occurring at a rapid pace and imaging continues to be in the cross-hairs of many of these changes.  This session will focus on proposed and actual changes from Congress 2016-2017. Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Site-neutral payment, CR/DR reductions, and others will also be reviewed during this session.  Operational impact to your department and/or imaging center will be discussed.

You will learn to:
• Discuss key regulatory initiatives affecting imaging providers. 
• Ensure attendees understand the short and long term issues associated with regulatory changes.
• Ensure attendees are aware of existing and potential regulatory issues impacting reimbursement for hospitals and imaging centers.

CRA Domains: CI, FM, OM
CE Credits: 1

Service Recovery: An Effective Tool for Elevating the Patient Experience

Presented by Kitty McKay  – Carson Tahoe Health
Service Recovery at Carson Tahoe Health is a key component of our systematic effort to consistently improve the patient experience.  Thanks to the Service Recovery process, we are better able to identify opportunities for improving patient care and work processes, and then act on them.  In the first year, Carson Tahoe was able to make significant process improvements in several areas, one of which was centralized scheduling for imaging. This session will discuss our Service Recovery process—what’s worked, what hasn’t—and share some accomplishments in scheduling improvements.

You will learn to:
• Understand how Service Recovery positively impacts the patient experience.
• Be shown the components of Service Recovery.
• Learn how to operationalize Service Recovery.

CRA Domains: OM, CI
CE Credits: 1

Technologies That Will Disrupt Imaging and Healthcare Within 5 Years

Presented by Leslie Jebson, MHA, MBA, FACHE, FACMPE – SIU School of Medicine, Springfield, IL
The healthcare landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace.  New devices, technologies and the manner in which we coordinate healthcare services are all a part of this industry evolution. However, there are a handful of real technologies on the immediate horizon that will inevitably disrupt and transform the healthcare delivery space. With it, the imaging arena will undergo significant change. This immersive and interactive session aims to discuss, debate and position imaging professionals for informed insights regarding the implications and adoption of these technologies in the daily professional lives. It is imperative to note, this session will not be any form of commercial product endorsements, rather the overarching technology and it's real implications on the imaging industry.

You will learn to:
• Categorically review the most transformative emerging technologies in healthcare delivery.
• Objectively gauge the potential implications of disruptive technologies on the field of imaging.
• Identify opportunities to position imaging services as a leader in new technology adoption.

CRA Domains: AM
CE Credits: 1

The Basics Of Breast Navigation

Presented by Tricia Trammell, CRA, RT(R)(M)(QM), CBPN-IC – Texas Health Harris Methodist Southwest, Fort Worth, TX
This session will provide an overview of breast navigation including the definition, objectives and spectrums of breast navigation. The session will discuss the benefits of navigation to patients, physicians and the community. This session will also provide an overview of what is needed for a navigation program. 

You will learn to:
• Define breast navigation and understand the objectives of navigation.
• Differentiate between breast imaging and breast cancer navigation, and understand the matrix as a tool for outlining the steps in the navigational process.
• Understand the benefits of a navigation program and what is needed to start a navigation program.

CRA Domains: OM, CI
CE Credits: 1

Using Imaging Informatics to Improve Quality, Safety, and Performance

Presented by John Campbell, CRA, FAHRA – Mission Health System, Asheville, NC
Quality, safety, and operational efficiency have become the drivers in today’s healthcare environment, and have vastly broadened the roadmaps of IT and Clinical Informatics. There is a need for imaging enhancement software that truly makes a difference in the clinical setting with increased demands on quality/safety standards and real-time analytics.  The reality that “one size does not fit all” in clinical systems has necessitated the continued emphasis on interoperability among vendors.   

Most of the software solutions in our health system have emerged due to the need for more effective communications and rapid access to needed information.  Particular attention will be given to inter and intra department electronic communications as well as customized patient tracking in all imaging modalities. Also, in today’s healthcare environment it becomes imperative to rapidly disseminate critical communications with providers and licensed caregivers to improve quality of care with immediate follow-up.  This presentation will highlight the necessary tracking functions in this 24/7 enterprise-wide operation.  Join us in this same session as we discuss analytical reporting of specific diagnosis and workflow processes such as:

• CT code stroke workflow time stamps
• Lung screening and follow up actions
• Flexible Imaging data analytics (including TAT by CPT and unique time stamps)
• Measuring out-patient waiting and acknowledgment by technical staff
• Patient “alert flags” and elapsed time from CPOE order
• Quality measures displayed in real-time

You will learn to:
• Develop Radiology Enhancement Software that yields: Improved Patient Throughput, Staff Efficiency, and Patient/Family Satisfaction.
• Develop Radiology Enhancement Software that yields: More Immediate Access to Important Patient Data for the Clinical Users.
• Develop Radiology Enhancement Software that yields: Reliable Analytic Data to Measure Quality and Performance.

CRA Domains: CI, OM
CE Credits: 1

Working Well with Millennials

Presented by Stacy Kesten – Integrated Leadership Systems, LLC, Los Angeles, CA
The expectations of millennials vs. those of Gen X and Baby Boomers are creating a generational gap in our workforce. An emerging difficulty in our companies is how to coach, mentor and form lasting relationships with the generation who has the most unprecedented access to information and technology in human history.  Millennials want to engage with businesses for different reasons – many of them a huge departure from the Boomers’ expectation of independence and hierarchies.  In this session, we aim to find common ground in leadership and create permanent changes in our organization that create loyalty, trust and a culture of development. Come get inside the mind of the millennial, and discover how you can keep them engaged.

You will learn to:
• The psychology of millennials, their needs and how we raised them.
• How to connect with and leverage your millennial talent.
• How you can create more engagement with millennials and harness the passion of this generation.

CRA Domains: CI
CE Credits: 1

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