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Exclusive to AHRA members. Learn more about how the practice and policies of radiology are changing with a subscription to JACR. For $45/year you can receive a print copy of JACR, the JACR app, and the full digital version including special online-only materials. (Or for $35/year enjoy the full digital version!) Save over $150!
  • JACR meets the needs of all members of the radiology care team. For example, Radiologist Manpower Considerations and Imaging 3.0: Effort Planning for Value-Based Imaging identifies key potential changes in your staffing to achieve value-based care.
  • JACR features Case Studies in Clinical Practice Management that translate policies and guidelines into actual practice. 
  • The JACR editors focus on practical take-home points that readers can apply in their care setting regardless of size or scope.
  • JACR offers ways for radiologists and their business managers to collaborate and communicate to everyone’s benefit: practitioners, managers, and patients alike.
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"The JACR gives you a window into what your radiologists are thinking about. I believe that our success as directors will only occur if we partner with our physician leadership.  Having the JACR available to me will enable this success."
- Penny Olivi, RT(R), CRA, FAHRA 
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