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Since its founding in 1973, AHRA has aimed to provide programs that are relevant, meaningful, and accessible to its members. The Online Institute contains dozens of courses on topics as diverse as human resources, budgeting, and technology. Material is updated on a regular basis, be sure to check back regularly for the information you need to be successful. 
Recent Webinars:
• MR Safety 2019: Clinical, Practical and Compliance Issues
• Turning Medical Imaging into An Asset
• Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Improve Workflow and Utilization
• Nuclear Medicine: Latest Frontier in Paperless QC
• Applied AI: How the application of machine intelligence can help solve administrative, clinical and operational challenges
• 2019 Coding & Reimbursement Seminar
• How to Reduce the Radiologists Risk of Work Related Repetitive Stress Injuries and Visual Fatigue
• Value of Real-Time Analytics
• Maslow Matters: Evolving Regulations, Culture of Quality, and Paperless Device QC

Recent Quick Credit:
• Occupational Burnout in the Radiology Profession: Glancing Back to Move Forward
• First Look: Repeat Rates in CT
• Curtailing Excessive Employee Absenteeism: An Evidence-Based Project in a Clinic Setting
• Developing a Capital Equipment Replacement Strategy
• Productivity Primer: A Practical Guide to Managing Productivity Targets
• Patient Perceptions of Providers Sitting Versus Standing
• Cost-Effective Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection
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