Help Build the Power of AHRA! Refer a Peer!

Join us in our peer-to-peer effort to grow AHRA and provide rewards and recognition to those who bring in new members. Our members play an important role in positive growth and building a stronger community. A larger membership strengthens AHRA’s voice when advocating on issues of importance, enhances services for our members, and provides more networking connections.

Why should I refer a peer?

Every time you recruit a member, you strengthen AHRA. Through membership growth, AHRA can develop new and enhanced programs to support you. By helping AHRA create a stronger community your efforts won’t go unnoticed; you’ll be rewarded for every peer you get to sign up for membership with:
 ¤ 50 AHRA rewards points
 ¤ One entry to win one of two prizes that will be drawn in December 2018:
     » 50 inch flat screen smart TV
     » One AHRA Annual Meeting registration of your choosing
There is no limit to how many peers you are allowed to refer so submit as many as you can!

What’s in it for them?

When a peer you refer to AHRA becomes a member, they'll receive:
 ¤ All the benefits of membership
 ¤ 50 AHRA rewards points to use towards AHRA events and products
 ¤ Their membership application fee ($25) will be waived if they join by the 2018 Virtual Fall Conference!

How do I refer a peer?

Just fill out the form below and we’ll do the work for you!
¤ I’m part of an existing group membership, can I refer someone to be added to it?
   Yes, but please contact member services to work out the details.
                         Click here if you don't see the form.