Radiology Management
has been the top professional journal for leaders in medical imaging management for over 40 years. It is peer reviewed, indexed on PubMed, and published six times a year. Focusing on education, the journal publishes research and best practices on healthcare management issues specific to medical imaging. 

Digital Edition
A digital edition of the publication is available. Intended to augment the print edition, this environmentally friendly option allows readers the choice to opt out of the print edition, which helps reduce materials (paper) and resources (shipping) used in production. Click here to view the digital editions, or view a sample issue.

Editorial Review Board (ERB)
The Editorial Review Board (ERB) contributes to the publication by reviewing, writing, and soliciting articles. Click here to find out more including roles and responsibilities.

Gary Boyd Editorial Awards
Every year, Radiology Management authors are selected by their peers to receive the prestigious Outstanding Article and Outstanding Column awards. Click here for details and to view past winners.

Editorial Guidelines
Members and non-members of AHRA are encouraged to write for the journal. Prospective authors, click here to view the editorial guidelines.

Subscription Options / Additional Copies
AHRA membership includes a single Radiology Management subscription. Non-member subscriptions may be purchased separately, as well as additional copies of any individual issue. Please contact us for details.

New - Mobile App
Radiology Management is now available in the App store on both Apple and Android platforms. Subscribers can enjoy the journal anytime, anywhere!  Find full editions and explore the latest research and best practices on healthcare management issues specific to medical imaging on your phone or tablet.