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We realize you are actively seeking the latest information on proven products, services, and case studies to improve your patient care and operations. AHRA and some of our sponsors will provide a list of white papers below to help in your search. Check in often as more white papers will be added throughout the year!

Aromatherapy Treatment At the Heart of Patient Care
Despite growing adoption, very little objective research and reporting has emerged to both quantify and qualify the results of aromatherapy within clinical settings. NGPX partnered with WBR Insights to identify and measure developing trends in this area through data analysis and interviews with the medical professionals currently using clinical aromatherapy.
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Radiology Staff in Focus: A Radiology services impact and satisfaction survey of technologists and imaging directors
In an ongoing quest to understand the challenges of “the people behind the image,” Philips conducted a double-blind investigation into the experience and job satisfaction of 254 radiology techs and imaging directors. What we found were significant levels of stress and burnout – coupled with an unflagging commitment to competent, patient-centered care.
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Are you ready for the adoption of Contrast Dose Management?
Key industry groups are making recommendations on the evolving guidance for contrast dose documentation. In addition to better dose management and driving compliance, Radiology departments that are implementing a Contrast Dose Management system are seeing operational and clinical benefits that are yielding standardization, protocol optimization and streamlined billing processes.
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Customer Experience – Salem Regional Medical Center
Salem Regional Medical Center (SRMC) was looking to augment their new high-tech scanner to achieve workflow efficiencies.  To accomplish this, SRMC equipped their MEDRAD® Stellant CT Injection Systems with workstations and software by Bayer in Radiology, implementing a new Contrast Dose Management platform to increase documentation accuracy and standardization.
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Imaging Productivity and Efficiency Report

AHRA members were surveyed regarding imaging productivity and efficiency by the Advisory Board and AHRA with a focus on comparative analytics, improvement strategies, and best practices surrounding the current imaging environment. By leveraging this valuable data, our hope is imaging leaders gain the ability to respond to the dynamic state of their organizations in real-time.
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