July 1, 2015

Dear Members,

The AHRA Board of Directors decided that our association should develop informed papers that produce an overview on some very pressing topics that you, the membership, have brought forth as most important right now. I am happy to announce that, after many months of development, these papers are now available and published here as a collection.

Our goal is to keep you as informed as possible so that you can make educated operational decisions at your facilities. When we surveyed the membership for what your "top issues" are, they included all of the topics you will see here. Note that these papers are an overview of the key issues you have identified for us and are not official AHRA position papers. Our intent as a board is to provide you with critical information to do your jobs well.

I hope you enjoy these papers and find them useful. They're yet one more source of value you get from AHRA membership!

Click here to access the papers. (members only)
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Yours in Imaging,

David Fox, CRA, FAHRA
2014-2015 AHRA President