Why Volunteer with AHRA?

Be an integral part of AHRA!

Interested in moving into an AHRA leadership position? The Leadership Development Committee has identified a roadmap full of opportunities to engage with the association at any level of your career, and to prepare you to lead as a committee chair, Board member, or President of AHRA. Review the resources below to get started on the path to leadership today!

Why should I volunteer and how do I get started?
 • Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer Article
 • Why YOU should volunteer with AHRA - An article from AHRA Member, Danielle Henricksen
My AHRA "Why" - An article from AHRA Member, Carla Knisley
 • Keys to High-Functioning Committees and Task Forces Article – What is a selection process and what’s next? Review this article to learn more about what it means to serve on a committee.
 • History of AHRA
 • AHRA Committee Descriptions
 • The Power of Volunteering - An article from Paul Dubiel
 • Sign Up to Volunteer with AHRA

What resources and experience are needed to be part of a Board of Directors?
 • Board Member Reflections Video - Video from Board Member, Mario Pistilli, on his path to leadership with AHRA.

NEW! Why Leadership Development: Position Paper on Evaluating Future Leaders, by Howard W. Schwartz and Sheila Sferrella

 • What is a Conflict of Interest? - Presentation by Jeffrey Tenenbaum, Esq, Tenenbaum Law Group
 • Board Competency Article and Resources – What skills are necessary to serve on a Board? Review this article and the associated resources to learn more about the characteristics of an effective board.
 • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Resources – AHRA is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion and engagement within our membership.
 • Increasing Board Diversity Article
 • The Basics of Board Committee Structure Article – Understand the difference between committees and task forces and the various structures and roles.
 • Build Soft Skills Article – Cultivate your emotional intelligence in preparation for leadership.
 • Nominations - Opening January 2023
 • Non-Profit Board Member Criteria
 • ASAE website – ASAE is a membership organization representing both organizations and individual association professionals. The ASAE website has a variety of resources to help you learn more about associations and board structure.

I was elected, now what?
 • AHRA Staff Organization Chart
 • AHRA & Education Foundation Structure and Board Legal Duties Video
 • 10 Basic Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards

 • AHRA Board Fundamentals  - Frequently asked questions for new Board members

Financial Responsibilities of Board Members - COMING SOON
 • Legal Duties of an Association Board Member
 • Strategic Planning Article 
 • History of AHRA

AHRA Governing Documents

 • AHRA Bylaws
 • AHRA Education Foundation Bylaws
 • AHRA Policy and Procedures
 • AHRA Strategic Plan