#GivingTuesday is a day around the world marked by the willingness and commitment of individuals to give to the organizations and causes they believe in. At AHRA, #GivingTuesday is an extension of Thanksgiving. It is another opportunity for us to say thank you to all of you who support AHRA.  We commemorate and celebrate you today!

Help the AHRA Education Foundation Finish 2019 Strong!

Throughout 2019, hundreds of members generously donated to the AHRA Education Foundation (EF)! Because of this support, the EF provided educational opportunities and resources through grants and scholarships to members of the AHRA family in need of assistance. With one month left in 2019, we are eager to finish the year strong and prepare 2020 to be another fruitful year of giving and supporting AHRA members. As the backbone of the organization, we ask all members- Will you consider investing in your peers by making a financial donation to the AHRA EF this #GivingTuesday?

Join the #UNselfie Movement

We are thankful for all of those who have made 2019 another generous year in support of the AHRA EF. This year AHRA members are joining the #UNselfie movement to showcase why they give the AHRA EF.  

AHRA Board Director Jacqui Rose (#UNselfie pictured right) supports the AHRA EF because she supports elevating the profession!

To join the movement with us and let others know why you give the AHRA EF, follow the instructions below!

How to take an #UNselfie

1. Download and print the #UNselfie card 

2. Think about why you give/support the AHRA Education Foundation and write it down on your #UNselfie card. (TIP: Make sure it’s legible and no more than 8 words!)

3. Take a picture holding your #UNselfie card and send it to AHRA at photos@ahra.org 

Opportunities Made Possible by the AHRA Education Foundation

Click here to read about the professional development opportunities made possible by the AHRA EF, including the following:  

"My organization does not assist with educational expenses that are not tied to a degree, and the kids come first, right? After sports, activities, and their other numerous needs are paid, there isn’t much left for Mom. My mentality was, “I cannot afford to attend the Annual Meeting.” Then EF Chair Lori Burns called to let me know that AHRA invested in me."
Tina Checchia, 2017 Annual Meeting Osborn Scholar

"Overall my experience with the Partners in Learning program was great, and I definitely left a more knowledgeable and confident radiology manager than when I arrived."
Daniel A. Neal, 2017 Partners in Learning Guest

"There I was, becoming part of a professional family invested in one another’s success. Attending the 2017 AHRA Annual Meeting gave me new direction and knowledge to return home inspired, ready to share and grow with my team."
Wendy Renneke, 2017 Annual Meeting Osborn Scholar 

If you haven’t made your 2019 tax-deductible gift to the EF, consider using #GivingTuesday as your chance to help create even more opportunities for AHRA members.