AHRA Education Foundation

Mission Statement:
 The AHRA Education Foundation (EF), in cooperation with the AHRA, obtains and provides resources to enhance the effectiveness of imaging and healthcare disciplines.

Since its inception in 1990 as a separate but related entity, the EF has raised thousands of dollars and created multiple programs, projects, products, and services specifically designed to promote ongoing applied management education for imaging leaders. As the healthcare market continues to change, the EF will continue to support the AHRA and its mission by every means possible. 
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2014 Annual Appeal
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“Giving to Enable Growth”, the 2014 Annual Appeal, was launched to support the education and support initiatives for AHRA members such as:
  1. A top issues in radiology article series
  2. Scholarships to attend AHRA National Meetings and take the CRA Exam
  3. Resources to aid members and their departments in celebrating National Radiologic Technology Week®
All corporate and member constituents are welcome to join this effort and support member growth in the imaging profession in 2014. Together, each investment in the Education Foundation will make a difference toward achieving the goal of $200,000. To learn more and to get involved please contact Holly Schambach at 260-494-2288 or foundation@ahraonline.org.

2014 Corporate Partners: