In 2020, healthcare was at the forefront of our society like never before. Communities rallied to thank our essential workers. At AHRA we are proud to represent a segment of these healthcare heroes and feel it is our duty to give thanks to the medical imaging leaders across the nation. We were thrilled to have you join us on social media throughout November, 2020 to help showcase our gratitude for our members, corporate partners, and other key players in the field that remain devoted to resilience and leadership.

We’ve watched as you overcame great obstacles last year, and while our #30 Days of Gratitude campaign has ended, the sentiment behind it certainly hasn't. So, we thank you for helping spread positivity and gratitude to our community, and encourage you to keep it up. You never know when your message may be the thing that brightens someone's day.


To celebrate you, all donations – up to $10,000 –  made to the AHRA Education Foundation in November were MATCHED thanks to a generous donation from our friends at 

It's never too late to make a donation. It's always needed, and it never goes unappreciated. 

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