AHRA Award for Excellence

AHRA is proud to sponsor a prestigious award program to recognize medical imaging professionals for excellence and leadership. Five AHRA members are honored yearly and presented with an award at the AHRA Annual Meeting and Exposition.
Nominate an imaging professional who has made a difference for his/her coworkers and colleagues through exceptional innovation, leadership, administrative capabilities, and sharing of expertise and experience. This award emphasizes everyday, on-the-job excellence. Nominations can come from staff, as well as other colleagues in the workplace and industry. It is not necessary to have held leadership positions within the AHRA to qualify for the award.

Submit a Nomination
Nomination Deadline March 14, 2022

Congratulations to past Award for Excellence recipients:

Melissa Marx, CRA
Nicole Dhanraj, CRA
Jay Anderson, CRA
Kara Mayeaux, CRA
Amy Isakson

Eric Kallstrom
Kelly Firestine, CRA
Amber George, CRA
Nicole Dhanraj, CRA
Doug Sprague

Larry J. Campbell
Paul Claus, CRA
Pamela H. Colburn, CRA
Amy Decker
Jane Beight, CRA
Marty Ward, CRA
Michelle Wall, CRA, FAHRA
Wendy Stirnkorb, CRA
Mildred Aviles, CRA 

John J. Beall
Susan Brumley, CRA
Verlon E. Salley, CRA
Tricia Williams Trammell, CRA

Bill Algee, FAHRA
Daniel Cavallo
Kelley Grant, CRA
Kimberly Smith
Alan Wildman, CRA
Terry Lynn Bucknall, CRA
Deborah Clark, CRA
Belinda Escamilla
James H. Scrivner, CRA 
Bernard F. Smith, CRA

Gene H. Bernieri, CRA
Peter De Graaf, CRA
Sharon Harms, CRA
Dennis Indiero
Sharon White, CRA

Renee S. Lauck, CRA
John J Smith, CRA
M. Kevin Spears, CRA
Michele Troutman, CRA
Cindy M. Winter, CRA


Wanda Coker, CRA
Brenda DeBastiani, CRA
Ralph L. Lundquist
Craig T. Mitchell
Jason C. Theadore, CRA

Patricia M. Allen
Christopher J. Hayman, CRA
Robert H. Lee 
John R. Neal, CRA
Lorissa Price, CRA

Dr. Cleveland Black
David R. Fox, CRA
Bruce W. Hammond, CRA
Dwayne P. Hansberry
Jeffrey A. Palmucci, CRA

Debra (Debi) Farnham
Max Grady
Terry Stavang, CRA
Brad Hellwig, CRA 
Paul Riggieri, CRA 

Mark Watts, CRA
Patricia Sousa
Helene Oplinger
Peggy Pust, CRA
Kevin Hendrickson, CRA

Fred Gaschen
Michael Hill, BS
Terry Napper, MBA
David Sack, CRA, FAHRA, RT(R), BS
Wayne T. Stockburger, FAHRA
James Amato (Jim), MBA
Roberta Edge (Robbie), CRA, FAHRA
Diane Nelson, RT, CRA
Colleen Payne
Eleanor Richardson (Ellie)

Carla J. Antley, CRA
Gerard A. Durney, FAHRA
Cheryl Poretti
Audrey Seals
Terrie Sue Stinson

Betty Kay Adams, CRA
Rebecca Allen, CRA
Terry Dowd, CRA
John-Hans Giga
Penny Olivi, CRA

Kent R. Johnson
Lauri A. MacDonald
Darlene A. May
Lynn A. McVey
James A. Miller

Debra Clark, CRA
Gary Duehring, PhD, CRA
Debra Lopez, CRA, FAHRA
Jim Sutton, CRA, FAHRA
Carlos Vasquez, CRA

Beth Beaudin
Hazel Hacker
Fred Harris, FAHRA
Merle Peterson
Nancy Hughes

Elinor Gambrel
Steve Kleckowski
Karen Lappi
Marilyn Schultz
Linda Von Nostrand

Michael Albertina, FAHRA
Mel Allen, CRA, FAHRA
Edward Asante
Joan Oakley
Bonnie Wold
Sandy Anderson, CRA, FAHRA
Timothy DeLong, FAHRA
Merlin Heinselman, FAHRA
Chuck Mitchell, FAHRA
Debra Platt, FAHRA

Robert J. Heim (North Atlantic Region)
Sharon Johnson, FAHRA (Western Region)
Roberta J. Miller, CRA, FAHRA (Midwest Region)
Louanne S. Peterson (Southwest Region)
DiAnne D. Wallace, CRA, FAHRA (Southern Region)

George Ochoa (Western Region)
Elizabeth A. Powley (Midwest Region)
James A. Sheppard (Southern Region)
Rhys A. Sherman (North Atlantic Region)
Richard S. Stonicher (Southwest Region)
Wanda M. Casady, CRA, FAHRA (Southern Region)
Glover L. Hill (North Atlantic Region)
David W. Klaus (Western Region)
Craig T. Mitchell (Midwest Region)
James Ohnysty (Southwest Region)