AHRA Logo Usage

AHRA's logo elements must not be altered and no new elements may be added without approval from AHRA. If you require assistance, please contact AHRA.

To download AHRA logos, choose the appropriate link below:

  • Print: High Resolution JPEG or EPS File
  • Web: Low Resolution JPEG File

Downloads: (ZIP file contains EPS and JPEG files)

AHRA Logo Long

AHRA Logo Short

AHRA Logo No Tagline

Education Foundation Logo

Leadership Institute Logo

Online Institute Logo

Logo Usage Guidelines:

  • Always use the electronic art provided above to reproduce the AHRA logos.
  • Scanning, redrawing, stretching or changing the AHRA logos in any way is not permitted.
  • Keep all elements of the AHRA logos together.
  • Enlarge or reduce the full AHRA logos proportionately.
  • Always position the AHRA logos in a clear area free from other text and graphics.
  • Use only the official colors when reproducing the AHRA logos in more than one color.
  • The AHRA logos may not be used on business cards, letterhead stationery, or resumes, nor may it be used in any way that may imply AHRA endorsement or approval of any program, company, or individual unless approved by AHRA.
  • AHRA logos can be used on marketing or promotional materials endorsed or sponsored by AHRA. If you have any questions or conerns contact AHRA.
  • AHRA reserves the right to take appropriate action on misuse or inappropriate usage of the AHRA logos.
  • Information regarding typefaces and colors can be found in the EPS files.

By downloading the AHRA logos and making the AHRA logos available for use you agree to the guidelines above.

Official AHRA Logo: The AHRA logo (long) is the official AHRA logo. Only use the AHRA logo (short) or AHRA logo with no tagline if space does not allow the long logo.

One Color Usage: When the AHRA logos appear in one color, the logos may be all black or all white.