Maureen Firth, CRA, FAHRA - Candidate for AHRA Director

Assistant Director, Quality and Regulatory Compliance at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, NY

Radiology has been central to my life.  During my extensive career, I've had the opportunity to pursue many avenues in the field of Radiology, from clinical care to education to medical imaging management. 

I bring a unique vision of medical imaging management; having lived and worked through the major advancements in our technology and seen the changes that the digital age brought to the practicing Radiographer and Manager.  I want to provide resources to our Membership that gives them all the tools they need for their work, and all networking capabilities that AHRA brings with its' membership.  

My enthusiasm for the field of Radiology and all its aspects is contagious and I enjoy spreading that enthusiasm, especially to our future Imaging leaders.  Shifting gears to a position of governance allows us to deliver products and services germane to our members and allows us to shape Imaging Management and Healthcare for the future.  

I want to ensure that the next generation of Imaging Leaders and AHRA are relevant to future Healthcare.
If I am elected to the AHRA Board of Directors, my goals will be:
• Increase member access to current and relevant information to help them perform at the highest level in their organizations. 
• Increase membership and awareness of CRA credential.
• Deliver programs to help mold our future Imaging Leaders.

Question & Answer

What do you see as the primary role of AHRA’s Board of Directors? 
My primary role as a member of the Board would be to increase member access to current and relevant information to help them perform at the highest level in their organization.  

What makes you an excellent leader?
As a member of the Management Team in our Organization, I have the privilege of inspiring our staff to do their best work for our patients.  I believe that I accomplish this by example, of always “going the extra mile” regardless of the situation. We have a young staff who have not been exposed to all the aspects of the field of Radiology and may need guidance as they start their career in the bog we call Healthcare.  I think that my enthusiasm for the field after many, many years in it shows the staff what a career can look like after a lifetime of “Life Long Learning.”   

How do you define governance? Describe your experience with strategic planning.
Governance is making decisions for an Institution to deliver processes for managing your people at the highest level.  A simple sentence but a complex definition.  

What was your initial reason for joining AHRA, and why do you choose to continue your membership?
Initial reason for joining was the camaraderie I kept hearing about and the opportunities to volunteer and be of service. I continue to keep my membership because of all Networking opportunities and the great programs we deliver to our members.

What would you say to a peer who was on the fence about becoming a member?
I would explain the reason for Networking and the caliber of the Programs we (AHRA) delivers, and the camaraderie among members across our entire nation. You have more than 5,000 friends and associates to be your personal subject matter expert.

Professional History and Experience

Medical Imaging Management: 30 Years
Medical Imaging: 54 Years
Work History:
• 14 years: Assistant Director, Quality and Regulatory Compliance, Quality at Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY
• 2 years: Professor Radiography at Essex Community College, Newark, NJ
• 2 years: Stereotactic Specialist at United Medical Systems, Boston, MA
• 2 years: East Coast Chief Technologist at CT Screening International, New York / Paramus, NY/NJ
• 2 years: St. Clare's Hospital, Manager in Dover, NJ
• 5 years: Executive Health Group, Radiology Manager in New York, NY
• 5 years: Echoscan Inc, Radiology Manager in New York, NY
• 2 years: Palisades General Hospital, Asst. Director - Radiology in North Bergen, NJ


• 2006: MS in Radiologic and Imaging Science at Thomas Jefferson University, PA
• 1989: MPA (abd) in Health Care Administration at Long Island University, NY
• 1981: BS in Allied Health at Madonna University, MI

• 2010: CRA, AHRA
• 1967, 1991, 1999: RT (R)(M)(QM), ARRT

AHRA / AHRA EF Offices, Appointments, and Activities

AHRA member since 2000, CRA since 2010, Fellow since 2012
• 2007-13: Director, Education Foundation • 2010-11: Chair, Education Foundation • 2009-10,2011-12: Vice Chair, Education Foundation • 2003-05: Annual Meeting Design Team (AMDT) Member, AHRA • 2005: AMDT Chair, AHRA • 2017-2019: Spring Conference Design Team, AHRA • 2019: Spring Conference Chair, AHRA • 2010-11, 2012-13: Curriculum Committee, AHRA • 2007-13: EF Finance Committee, AHRA • 2002: Item Writers Task Force, CRA

Other Board Experience

• 2018-Present: Library Board, Borough of Haledon, Treasurer 

Other Professional and Community Activities

• 2018-Present: Borough of Haledon, Member – Library Board 
• 1997-2006: American Cancer Society, Corporate Seminar Leader: Breast Health

Fundraising Experience

• 2010-12: AHRA, Annual Meeting Member Appeal
• 2009: AHRA, Phoney Express
• 2004-10: Women's' Theater Company, Director - Fundraiser for Annual Concert 

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