Cathleen Story, CRA, FAHRA - Candidate for AHRA Director

Senior Consultant at Regents Health Resources in Nashville, TN 

I have recently completed 2 terms on the Education Foundation BOD, the last 2 years as Chair.  When that came to an end at last year’s Annual Meeting, I felt that I still had more I could contribute to the organization.  I was thrilled and honored when I heard of my nomination for the AHRA BOD, as now I would hope to be able to serve in a higher capacity. Having past Board experience I am comfortable with the duties and responsibilities of a Board member.  I have knowledge of the tasks that are already before the Board; therefore I will be able to hit the ground running.  I have over 30 years of imaging management experience in a large multi hospital/out patient network, and most recently as an imaging consultant.  This knowledge will transfer well to the Board environment and the situations they face as they work to make the AHRA brand name the leader in imaging management.

Question & Answer

What do you see as the primary role of AHRA’s Board of Directors? 
I see the primary role of the AHRA BOD is to be the voice of the members, and to help mold an organization that is known for its leadership and integrity.

What makes you an excellent leader?
I have over 30 years of imaging management experience in our communities’ largest employer.  I feel that I have earned the respect of my direct reports and peers by always acting in as professional and inclusive manner.  I worked hard to develop my direct reports by challenging them to always do their best.  I led the AHRA EF BOD and the annual appeal committee to a record breaking membership contribution to the EF. That was accomplished by hard work, dedication and inspiring the committee members to think outside the box to reach and exceed our goal. 

How do you define governance? Describe your experience with strategic planning.
To me governance is a group of people bound together by a common tie and regarded as an entity, in this case the advancement and administration of the AHRA. I have had experience with strategic planning during my tenure at Lehigh Valley Health Network.  The network is very forward thinking in regards to the acquisitions of hospitals, as well as new construction of OP centers.  This took months and sometimes years of planning involving many different entities from Facilities and Constructions, to Nursing, Physicians and Employees.  We would also do a 5 year plan of major equipment replacement across the imaging network.

What was your initial reason for joining AHRA, and why do you choose to continue your membership?
I first joined the AHRA at the urging of a former director.  It was the best move I made as I was able to form a network of people who would help me become a better leader, by innovation, sharing of ideas, and problem solving.  I continue my membership for those same reasons. As my span of control widened I found the resources of the AHRA invaluable to my success.

What would you say to a peer who was on the fence about becoming a member?
I would say try it and you will have the answers to many of your management questions right at your finger tips.  I doubt that you will ever find a group of people that are willing to help at your first call or email.  You will not regret becoming part of this family.

Professional History and Experience

Medical Imaging Management: 32 Years
Medical Imaging: 41 Years
Work History:

• 2019-present: SR Consultant, Regents Health Resources, Nashville TN
• 2006-2017: Administrator, DX Services, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown PA
• 2004-2006: Chief PACS Adm, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown PA
• 1996-2004: Operations Coordinator, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown PA
• 1991-1996: Clinical Manager, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown PA
• 1985-1991: In-Patient Supervisor, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown PA
• 1976-1985: Staff Tech, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown PA
• 1976: Staff Tech, Hazleton Orthopedic Assoc, Hazleton PA
Education: • 1998: BS, Health Arts, University of St. Francis, Joliet IL

• 2012: Fellow, AHRA
• 2003: CRA, AHRA
• 1976: RT(R), ARRT

AHRA / AHRA EF Offices, Appointments, and Activities

AHRA member since 1992, CRA since 2003, Fellow since 2012 • 2018-2019: Chair, EF and Annual Appeal Committee • 2013-2019: AHRA EF BOD, EF BOD • 2017-2018: Author, LINK • 2013-2019: Committee Member, Annual Appeal Committee • 2013-2014: Author, LINK • 2013: Committee Chair, Member Task Force • 2012-2013: Committee Member, AHRA BOD Executive Committee • 2012: Author, Radiology Management • 2010-2013: Board Member, AHRA BOD • 2011-2013: Committee Member, Member Development Campaign • 2010-2011: Mentor, Mentor Program • 2010-2011: Volunteer, On site volunteer intro speaker • 2006-2007: Committee Member, Member Challenge Campaign • 2005: Volunteer, On site volunteer • 2004: Award Recipient, RM Editorial Award • 2004: Author, Radiology Management

Other Board Experience

• 2006-2017: Northampton Area Community College, Board Of Directors Radiology and Ultrasound Program-Provide guidance regarding the policies and procedures of both programs, and program content
• 20016-2017: Lehigh Valley Diagnostic Imaging Assoc., Board Of Directors-Served as the Lehigh Valley Health Network Board member of the Radiologists private OP practice.  Reviewed and approved budgets, new equipment purchases, TJC readiness advice, and new acquisitions.

Fundraising Experience

• 2018-2019: AHRA, AHRA EF BOD, Chair

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