The health and well-being of our members is our highest priority. It is through this lens that we have made the difficult decision to cancel the upcoming Spring Conference in San Diego, CA. Our decision was compelled by recent, notable developments regarding the coronavirus including, but not limited to:

• California’s declared State of Emergency
• Greater uncertainties surrounding the incubation time and transmission of coronavirus.
• Restricted or prohibited travel for many of our members who are frontline imaging leaders with critical roles within their health organization’s operations.

This decision was made out of deep concern for the well-being of the entire AHRA community, and our belief that key healthcare leaders should not be displaced from local communities during this critical time.

Updates will be posted here as developments with the coronavirus continue to unfold.

Press Release
Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization

Conference Cancellation: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you refunding my AHRA 2020 Spring Conference registration fee?
Yes. We will refund 100% of your registration. We appreciate your patience during this process. 

Are you offering any alternatives to a full refund of the 2020 Spring Conference registration?
Yes. For Spring Conference registrants, we are offering full registration to the AHRA Annual Meeting in Boston, July 12-15, 2020 at no additional cost. Please contact us at if you wish to attend the Annual Meeting in lieu of the Spring Conference.

I joined AHRA as a new member at the same time I registered for the Spring Conference. Will my membership remain intact?
Yes. We’ll refund the Spring Conference fee, (or transfer it towards the 2020 Annual Meeting if you choose — see above) and maintain your new member status. We’re glad you joined AHRA.

How can I cancel my hotel room reservation?
There is no need to cancel your room. All reservations have been cancelled and no deposits were taken. Any housing questions should be directed to

Are you refunding flight or other travel costs?
No. We will not refund individual travel costs. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact your provider for information and next steps. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The airline wants proof that the conference was cancelled. Do you have that?
Yes. Download our Official Notice of Cancellation here. This is also available on

My employer paid for me to attend the Spring Conference and is asking for proof that the conference was cancelled.
Download our Official Notice of Cancellation here. This is also available on

I do not agree with the decision to cancel the AHRA 2020 Spring Conference. Who can I talk to about this?
You may contact us here, or send feedback to us at

How are you handling the 2020 AHRA Annual Meeting & Exposition?
AHRA is monitoring COVID-19 very closely. With the AHRA Annual Meeting scheduled to take place in July. At this time, we continue to plan confidently for the meeting. Registration is strong and on target based on historical attendance data. We currently have no plans to postpone or cancel the Annual Meeting in Boston. The situation is dynamic, and the future is unknown. We remain watchful, but also focused on delivering what is an extremely important event for the medical imaging community.