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On-Demand Sessions:

The ART of Accommodation: Creating an Outstanding Customer Service Experience

Toby Edwards, BS, CRA, RT(R), Lake Wales Medical Center, Winter Haven, FL

Organizations well known for their outstanding commitment to customer service often have a deep understanding of the absolute necessity of accommodation as a cultural value. The word accommodate is derived from the Latin word “accomodatus” which means to “make fit, to adapt, fit one thing to another”. Too often in healthcare today, patients are asked to adapt to the culture of the healthcare entity, instead of the culture of that entity adapting to the patient and their preferences. As healthcare reform takes shape, savvy health shoppers will gravitate towards healthcare delivery systems that develop reputations for being patient-centered. Patient-centered care, as defined by the Institute of Medicine, is “Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.” Accommodation as a cultural value, therefore, is a primary component to delivering patient-centered care. There are five essential elements of accommodation to be explored in this presentation: 1. Full acceptance of inconvenience as an integral part of customer service delivery. 2. A passionate desire for the serviced to be thoroughly satisfied and fulfilled. 3. An understanding that persistent, hard work increases job AND life satisfaction. 4. A vigilant mentality that anticipates service opportunities. 5. An intelligent focus on quality rather than quantity.

You will learn to:
  • Learn the five essential elements of accommodation.
  • Understand the five patients rewards that accommodation produces.
  • Explore the indispensable role of passion in customer service delivery.

CEUs: 1
CRA Domains:  OM, CI

Imaging 2016 Market Update
Lea Halim, Senior Consultant, Imaging Performance Partnership, The Advisory Board Company, Morganville, NJ

This session will offer an overview of key current market trends affecting imaging. It will touch on four areas: Imaging volumes and growth opportunities; consumerism in imaging; the role of imaging in population health; and the impact of health system consolidation on imaging departments and radiologists. The session will include a brief overview of The Advisory Board’s recent productivity and turnaround times survey.

You will learn to:
  • Understand the implications of key reimbursement and regulatory changes for imaging programs.
  • Learn about the major growth and development opportunities for imaging over the next five years.
  • Learn key highlights from a recent robust benchmarking survey on productivity and turnaround times.

CEUs: 1
CRA Domains: FM, OM, HR

Lessons in Human Experience Design: Oh, The Humanity of It All
Sean Keyser, Novant Health, Winston-Salem, NC

Patient satisfaction, team member engagement and provider engagement have historically been planned separately and discreetly; and often by different functions within the organization. In addition, Novant Health was experiencing a collective tension around experience needing to begin from a fundamentally different place for all three segments. This session will explore what changes have been made in experience design and why this, why now.

You will learn to:
  • Describe the evidence leading to a wholesale change in the patient, team member, and provider perspective 
  • Describe what the “human experience” means beyond the trends and rhetoric
  • Share design elements for the providers, team members, and patients

CEUs: 1
CRA Domains:  OM, CI

Radiation Dose Monitoring: Lessons Learned
Anders Osterholm, Vice President, Sales Operations, Sectra
The last few years have seen radiation dose legislation on both the state and national level as well as uncertainty about future governmental regulations.  Osterholm will provide an overview on what has transpired in regards to dose legislation in the US and the overall acceptance and usage of dose monitoring software.  Use areas of dose monitoring software will be outlined including an understanding of how to actually use the dose data collected to make informed decisions.  Real life examples of clinical changes made by providers from their dose data will be presented. Lastly, a future roadmap of dose monitoring will be outlined.
You will learn to:
  • Provide an update on the current legislation and overall acceptance of dose monitoring in the US
  • Describe real clinical examples of operational changes made from dose reports and data
  • Provide an understanding of the future roadmap for dose monitoring

CEUs: 1
CRA Domains: OM, CI

One Year After the JC Imaging Standards Changes – What Have We Learned and What’s Coming Next?

Geoff West, West Physics, Atlanta, GA

The presenter will discuss and share how the first year of the new JC 2015 Imaging Standards have impacted accredited healthcare organizations, including feedback from accredited facilities that have been surveyed by the Joint Commission. The presenter will describe the positive impact the standards have had on patient care and radiation dose reduction as well as any challenges in implementation experienced to date by the Joint Commission and the accredited facilities. In addition, the attendees will learn what new proposed standards changes the JC has planned for the future for imaging facilities, and what impact those changes could have on patient care and the imaging business.

You will learn to:
  • Discuss the elements of performance the JC field surveyors have focused on, and the recommendations for improvement that they have made at accredited facilities. 
  • Identify how accredited facilities have responded to the 2015 Imaging Standards and prepared for the final July 2016 deadlines for full compliance. 
  • Discuss the potential future changes that will impact standards such as technologist credentialing for CT, Cone Beam CT, and radiation dose reduction for fluoroscopy and other modalities.

CEUs: 1
Domains: OM