MICI: Medical Imaging Confidence Index

Developed by AHRA in conjunction with The MarkeTech Group, MICI is a quarterly index calculated based on the input of US hospital imaging directors and managers who complete the same online survey about their perceptions of macro trends in medical imaging (cost, revenue, operation). The MICI statistical cohort consists of a select group of panel members (158 in total). This creates an index that represents the diagnostic imaging administrative view of the economic outlook for the current quarter. For more information view the video by Dr. Christian Renaudin, TMTG founder and CEO.

Dissemination and analysis of the index is provided through a partnership with AuntMinnie.com and with Imaging Technology News.

2017 Q4 | 2017 Q3 | 2017 Q2 | 2017 Q1
2016 Q4 | 2016 Q3 | 2016 Q2 | 2016 Q1
2015 Q4 | 2015 Q3 | 2015 Q2 | 2015 Q1
2014 Q4 | 2014 Q3 | 2014 Q2 | 2014 Q1
2013 Q4 | 2013 Q3 | 2013 Q2 | 2013 Q1
2012 Q4 | 2012 Q3 | 2012 Q2 and Q1

Click here for access to the full reports (members only).

The imagePRO™ panel

For the past four years AHRA has partnered with The MarkeTech Group to produce the Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI), a quarterly report and analysis of the emerging trends in imaging. AuntMinnie is our primary media outlet for the MICI and it has become a meaningful index for the entire industry.

As a valuable member of AHRA, your opinion matters and we would like to invite you to become a Member of the imagePRO™ panel that provides the important data that creates the MICI. The imagePRO™ panel provides a professional community for Imaging Directors and Managers to participate in studies and share knowledge aimed at advancing the development of medical imaging technology. This select group of experts represents the voice of their peers to identify important needs for the future of medical imaging.

If you would like more information about the panel, please read this document which should answer any questions you might have. If you are interested in joining the imagePRO panel please open the link below and fill in the information.  It will take less than one minute.  Once completed, The MarkeTech Group will send you the enrollment information. If you have already been in contact with imagePRO you do not need to complete the survey below.