About Area Meetings


Bring an AHRA FREE local area meeting to your area! These events are organized by volunteer members alongside AHRA staff.


How to Plan and Host a Local Area Meeting

Putting on a Successful Area Meeting
Sample Guide Detailing Organizing an Area Meeting
Area Meeting Presentation


The three main things that need to be done are:
1) Find a location
2) Secure a sponsor
3) Recruit one or more speakers
Speakers are usually provided by the sponsor or are from the facility hosting the event. Even members have been speakers and used topics they may have already presented at an AHRA event. The AHRA office handles logistics like registration, marketing, and CE tracking. We make it as simple as possible!
Check out this video from Toni Gardner about hosting a meeting and the benefits of joining AHRA.



Chicago (8/2016)

Milwaukee (5/2016)

Western TN (5/2016)

Washington (5/2016)

Knoxville (4/2016)

Denver (9/2015)

Savannah (5/2015)

Kansas City (5/2015)

Indiana (2/2015)


Local Area Groups:
AHRA Illinois Group
AHRA Northeast Group
AHRA Pacific Northwest Group

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