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Whether you’re a seasoned medical imaging leader or an aspiring manager, AHRA will help you create your road to success with a complimentary, zero obligation membership until September 30, 2018.*

During this “test drive” time period, you’ll experience the value of all of the benefits of AHRA Membership available including discounted registration on the 2018 Annual Meeting. To begin your complimentary test drive and start discovering the endless opportunities for professional growth waiting for you, please fill out the form below.

Top Member Benefits  Member Retail You
Price Price Save
Radiology Management  $0 $100 $100
Quick Credits (CEUs)* $0 $150 $150
AHRA Annual Meeting $675 $795 $120
AHRA Spring Conference $425 $565 $140
Virtual Fall Conference  $199 $399 $200
Webinars** $0 $297 $297
AHRA Professional Development Textbook  $65 $99 $34
Coding Seminars $199 $399 $200
Staff Modeling Tool $99 $299 $200
CRA Exam Workshop $199 $349 $150
Access to Leading Industry Experts $0 N/A Priceless
Benefit Savings Potential
* Retail cost per 12 credits annually                                                                            
** Retail cost for 3 annually
Your Value on Investment (savings less investment: $1,591 - $0) $1,591

*To participate in the test drive membership you will not need to enter any credit card information. We hope you use this complimentary membership period to understand the value AHRA can bring to you and your professional development. After September 30, 2018 we will send you an invoice in hopes you'll renew your membership at the standard rate. This opportunity is only open to new memberships.