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Monday, August 1

Continental Breakfast

7:45 AM - 8:45 AM
Exhibitor Symposium
Contrast Enhanced Neuro MRI: Issues and Indications
Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, MD, FACR – Vice President and Medical Director, Radnet Eastern Division

Generously sponsored by Guerbet

This presentation will be a discussion of benefits and strengths of the available extracellular fluid space gadolinium based MR contrast agents as well as an update on safety issues including NSF risk and the recently discovered concerns over gadolinium deposition in patients with normal renal function. The impact of recent knowledge on clinical neuro MRI practice will be covered with an emphasis on dealing with high risk clinical patients and circumstances.

You will learn to:
  • Understand the benefits and strengths of the available extracellular fluid space gadolinium based MR contrast agents.
  • Understand the role of MR contrast in the development of NSF and gadolinium retention.
  • Appreciate the role that stability plays in the risk associated with MR contrast agents.
  • Become familiar with strategies for risk mitigation for vulnerable patient populations.
Domains: AM, OM
CE Hours: 1

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Grand Opening Ceremony & Keynote

Stop Global Whining!
Christine Cashen

Generously sponsored by 

The fact is: we are all forced to do more with less – fewer staff, declining resources, and 40 hours of stuff to do in a 24-hour day. This can really wear us down!

What to do? You can waste energy complaining, but how productive is that!? Be part of the solution!

Christine will share the secret to getting what you want with what you’ve got, and she’ll show you that you have what it takes right now to make a difference in your workplace and your life.

You will learn to:
  • Communicate effectively by understanding different personality styles.
  • Defuse anyone and handle conflict like a pro.
  • Create a better day with more energy and time management tools.
  • Discover how humor can increase job satisfaction, improve morale and reduce stress.
Domains: CI, HR
CE Hours: 1

Exhibit Hall Open  --Lunch served 12:00-1:30pm

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Breakout Sessions

Five Years Lean
Roberta Edge, MHA, CRA, FAHRA
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation - Modesto, CA

Sutter Gould Imaging Services was chosen as a value stream for the organization in late 2010. In early 2011 we started on our Lean journey and have made several improvements we have sustained over the last five years. We have had other initiatives that have not gone as well. Our success has been in creating more capacity with existing machines and staff by eliminating waste and non-value add steps in several processes. For example, we reduced the cycle time for performing CT scans by 5 minutes, thus adding capacity throughout the work day. We used Lean Tools such as "takt time" to prove with data, that we had reduced our cycle time as low as possible given current machine limitations and added capacity by renting a mobile unit. One of the longer parts of the journey has been changing the culture from a physician centric practice to a patient centric practice. Five years in, this is taking hold. Learn how to harness the energy of early adopters to help bring a team along. Learn how to engage radiologists to secure buy in for organizational initiatives. Learn the value of turning "what's in it for me" to "what are our patients willing to pay for." Share lessons learned from failed endeavors, and why metrics that are in the "red" are merely opportunities to improve.

You will learn to:
  • Develop patience with yourself as the leader and your team as you change the culture using Lean.
  • Detect where to trim minutes from processes to gain capacity.
  • Identify when you have exhausted "creativity over capital," to use Lean tools to make the case for additional equipment and/or staff.
Domains: CI, OM, AM, HR
CE Hours: 1.5

What We Can Do to Engage Our Employees
Linda Womack, CRA, MHA
John Muir Health - Walnut Creek, CA

Many employees comment that they are not involved in decision that affect their work. It’s a challenge for managers who may not know what that means. For the first time in history, we have 4 generations working together in the work place. How we engage means something different for everyone. I will also discuss the 7 deadly sins for managers:
  • Failure to recognize employee achievements
  • Not giving clear directions
  • Not making time to meet with employees
  • Never talking to subordinates
  • Taking credit for others’ ideas
  • Failure to provide constructive criticism
  • Not knowing employees’ names
  • Refusing to talk to people on the phone, or in person
  • Never asking about employees’ lives outside of work
I plan to tie this in with the challenges we have with such diverse generations and provide ideas on how to engage employees, from changing your meeting agenda format, to equipment purchases, to communication that meets all the needs, and how to engage staff for feedback when a change in process or workflow is needed.

You will learn to:
  • Implement actual tools used to engage employees.
  • Understand the differences between the generations.
  • Avoid the 7 deadly Management Sins.
Domains: HR, CI
CE Hours: 1

What Every Radiology Administrator Needs to Know About Regulatory Compliance – Orders, Supervision, Modifiers and More!
Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS
Coding Strategies, Inc. - Powder Springs, GA

This session is generously sponsored by Coding Strategies, Inc.

This basic session will include an overview of key compliance issues to decipher the alphabet soup associated with this growingly complex area that challenges radiology professionals on a daily basis. Radiology Managers/Administrators must be able to effectively manage or oversee compliance for their departments/organizations to ensure revenue is not inappropriately gained or forfeited. In addition, key compliance issues that impact radiology will be reviewed to ensure understanding. Orders, supervision guidelines, the use of non-physician practitioners and RPAs and more will be covered in this exciting session.

You will learn to:
  • Review key compliance concepts to equip radiology managers/administrators will the knowledge they need to successful oversee and manage these functions within in their organization.
  • Understand how radiology coding/billing is different from other specialties/departments and discuss key areas of concern to avoid compliance concerns.
  • Review operational concerns that cause the great compliance challenges.
Domains: PM, OM, FM
CE Hours: 1.5

Workplace Violence: Yes It Can Happen in Your Workplace
Marie Fredrick, RT(R), CRA, MJ
Mary Washington Healthcare - Fredericksburg, VA

This session repeats on Tuesday at 2:00 PM.

Workplace violence occurs in the workplace regardless of where that is. Management has to be able to spots the signs, reduce the impact and lead the his/ her employees when it does happen. Both OSHA and Joint Comission have regulations related to an employers requirements to address workkplace violence. The discussion will also deal with the active shooter/ armed assailant. Attendees will also learn how to put together a threat assessment team that can effectively evaluate threats and develop action steps to minimize the threat. Attendees will also learn some simple techniques to break free from a physical attack. The session is designed to be interactive. Audience participation will be important.

You will learn to:
  • Understand the types of workplace violence as well as the warning signs.
  • Develop proactive steps to identify and reduce the chance of workplace violence.
  • Manage workplace violence when it does happen.
Domains: OM, HR
CE Hours: 1.5

Personal and Professional Development – Promoting Career Enjoyment
Bruce Hammond, BBA, CRA, FAHRA, DHA
TheCailcoGroup - Fort Worth, TX

Valerie Cronin, BS, MSHSA, CNMT, FSNMTS
Consultant - North Tonawanda, NY

Jason Newmark, FAHRA, CRA
Baystate Medical Center – Springfield, MA

This session is generously sponsored by TheCailcoGroup

This session will include a panel of professionals at different stages of their respective careers.  Each has a different message and different strategies to help you on your path to success!  Providing valuable information such as how to evaluate your readiness for the next step, reviewing the changing landscape of healthcare and medical imaging and management, and offering lessons learned.
You will learn to:
  • Determine valid metrics for evaluating a career advancement pathway.
  • Understand the pros and cons of career advancement.
  • Value developing relationships and holding yourself to high standards of integrity. 
Domains: HR
CE Hours: 1

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Expanded Sessions

Improving Staff Engagement with Authentic Communication
Daniel Stover, BA
Integrated Leadership Systems - Westerville, OH

Communication skills are vital to your success as a leader and may be one of the most nuanced stumbling blocks we encounter. Under stress and pressure, we all tend to fall back on aggressive or passive-aggressive forms of communication; which derails employee engagement. What if you knew exactly how to manage your own communication under pressure? What if you knew precisely how to engage an aggressive or passive-aggressive employee? In an individual or group setting, it is imperative that we effectively handle ourselves and others.

In this interactive and engaging workshop, you will learn to improve your ability to communicate and listen effectively, engaging the people around you, independent of circumstances. Whether times are easy or challenging - active listening skills, assertive communication, building rapport and creating partnerships are crucial to developing a growth-minded, effective team. Ideally, these perceived "difficult" conversations transition to "necessary" discussions.

You will have the chance to practice your new skills in this session and improve your effectiveness immediately. Whether you find yourself struggling to communicate with physicians, managers or staff, your spouse or your kids; this workshop will simplify difficult discussions and allow you to be more consistent across all relationships. (this could be adapted to a 90 minute session)

You will learn to:
  • Engage in listening and communication with effectiveness.
  • Identify how to be aware of your own communication style and how that impacts others.
  • Mediate discussions between employees', even ones that are challenging.
Domains: HR, CI
CE Hours: 3

Joint Commission 2016 Update for Hospital Imaging Departments
Judith Atkins, RN, MSN
McKenna Consulting - Charleston, WV

The presenter will describe the format of 2016 Joint Commission Standards and their relationship to patient safety. The standards, elements of performance and the scoring methodology will be reviewed with an explanation of patient safety implications. We will also explore status of Radiology and CT changes. In addition, the changes to applicable 2016 Joint Commission Standards will be reviewed. The presenter will share the five most common deficiencies identified in imaging by Joint Commission surveyors and the best ways to avoid them.

You will learn to:
  • List the changes to the 2016 Standards.
  • Describe the status of diagnostic and CT changes.
  • Describe the format of the 2016 Joint Commission Standards and their relationship to patient safety.
  • List the five most common deficiencies identified in Imaging by Joint Commission Surveyors and the common ways to avoid them.
Domains: OM
CE Hours: 3

Beverage Break

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Breakout Sessions

Who Failed to Tell You That You Can Change the World?!?
Tobias Gilk, M.Arch, MRSO, HSDQ
Founder, Gilk Radiology Consultants - Kansas City, MO

This session is generously sponsored by Gilk Radiology Consultants

You mean that nobody told you that you could change the world? Yes, you have quarterly reports and budget crunches, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t facilitate the ‘big picture’ changes that you’d like to see.

This session will look to build-up the personality traits already within you that will help you to confront your challenges: yes, the day-to-day, but more importantly, to help you put yourself in the ’big picture’ of where you want our industry to go.

Your work experience, your education, your commendations, none of these are essential to your ability to be the agent of the change you’d like to see. Those traditional ’success’ benchmarks don’t necessarily position you to be the unstoppable force you can be.

Together, we’re going to look at how tenacity and imagination are all it takes to put you on a path to seeing the changes you want to see… in your life… in your profession… in your industry. How you can be your own Don Quixote, and both initiate change, and draw others to your cause.

You will learn to:
  • Describe which are the essential personality traits (that you already have) that can make you a change superstar.
  • Recognize how daily crises are only distractions if you choose to let them to be.
  • Achieve your long-term goals without ignoring your regular responsibilities.
Domains: CI
CE Hours: 1

One Year After the JC Imaging Standards Changes – What Have We Learned and What’s Coming Next?
Geoffrey West, PhD, DABR, CHP
West Physics - Atlanta, GA

This session is generously sponsored by West Physics

This session repeats on Wednesday at 8:30 AM.

The presenter will discuss and share how the first year of the new JC 2015 Imaging Standards have impacted accredited healthcare organizations, including feedback on actual Joint Commission surveys. The presenter will describe the positive impact the standards have had on patient care and radiation dose reduction as well as any challenges in implementation experienced to date by the Joint Commission and the accredited facilities. In addition, the attendees will learn what new proposed standards changes the JC has planned for the future for imaging facilities, and what impact those changes could have on patient care and the imaging business.

You will learn to:
  • Discuss the elements of performance the JC field surveyors have focused on, and the recommendations for improvement that they have made at accredited facilities.
  • Identify how accredited facilities have responded to the 2015 Imaging Standards and prepared for the final July 2016 deadlines for full compliance.
  • Discuss the potential future changes that will impact standards such as technologist credentialing for CT, and radiation dose reduction for fluoroscopy and other modalities.
Domains: OM
CE Hours: 1

Achieving Excellence 24/7 - As Measured by the Human Experience
Eric Lo Monaco, BS, CRA, RT(T)
The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula - Monterey, CA

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) in Monterey, Calif., with the support of our CEO Steven Packer, MD, is now incorporating instantaneous electronic feedback to improve the inpatient and outpatient experience. We’ve discovered that our promise to our patients—“when it comes to your health everything matters”— is more fully implemented when real-time listening and follow-up accompany our services.

Excellence 24/7 (E 24-7), which began in the radiology department, is based on QR bar codes displayed throughout the hospital to initiate and manage real-time, patient-initiated electronic communication at a cost of $1,500 per month. Using a free scanning app and a smart device, the scanned bar code triggers one question: “If we have exceeded your expectations or fallen short, please let us know how we can help.”

If patients respond, their message is instantly routed to a hospital management team member for immediate attention. In most cases, the patient and management team member meet face-to-face within minutes, sometimes seconds, after a concern is communicated.

You will learn to:
  • Identify how to empower patients and family members.
  • Give Instant rewards for team members.
  • Produce actionable feedback.
Domains: CI, OM, HR
CE Hours: 1

Driving Operational Efficiency with Dashboards and Business Analytics
Christopher Meenan, BS, CIIP
Analytical Informatics, Inc. - Baltimore, MD

This session is generously sponsored by Analytical Informatics, Inc.

Operational leaders in imaging departments are constantly seeking ways to improve quality and efficiency, however getting real-time information to make decision can sometimes be a challenge. In order to navigate the challenges of health reform, leaders in imaging departments need to be able to make better and faster decisions, and focus their valuable time where its most needed. New software tools providing clinical and business analytics are emerging to provide practice managers and operational leaders with better information to support strategic initiatives and understand where opportunities exist to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Achieving strategic improvements through the use of business intelligence or dashboards however requires more than just a simple acquisition of a technology solution. There are organizational and cultural components to consider for practices to achieve their strategic goals through the use of these newly emerging technologies.

You will learn to:
  • Identify Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI) for your own practice, including strategies on how to establish and communicate goals to your team.
  • Understand the cultural component of quality improvement projects including data quality and staff management.
  • Describe strategies to improve and sustain operational efficiency and quality improvement initiatives with dashboards and business intelligence tools.
Domains: PM, CI, HR, OM
CE Hours: 1

How Can I Get Better Data from My Referring Physicians?!
Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS
Coding Strategies, Inc. - Powder Springs, GA

This session is generously sponsored by Coding Strategies, Inc.

This session will dive into the difficult challenge of modifying referring physician behavior and/or existing systems to ensure that all orders have accurate and detailed clinical data. One of the greatest challenges that most radiology organizations face today is obtaining complete and accurate orders for imaging exams. This session will review some best practices in the industry and encourage attendees to share their successes to help their peers. The current status of the legislative requirement of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) will be shared in the context of how its implement will address some of the current challenges.

You will learn to:
  • Review and discuss the biggest obstacles to obtaining quality clinical data on orders.
  • Discuss best practices and how to realistically make changes in a challenging environment.
  • Discuss how Clinical Decision Support (CDS) helps to address the problem of insufficient clinical data.
Domains: CI, OM
CE Hours: 1

5:15 PM - 6:15 PM
Exhibitor Symposium
PACS Facts: Constructed vs. Deconstructed
Shawn McKenzie, MPA
Ascendian Healthcare Consulting - Roseville, CA
Generously sponsored by Sectra

Considering your next imaging technology in component parts (deconstructed) or from the more traditionally packaged systems (constructed)? Prior to selecting, let us review the history, reasons, trends and contrasting forces that drove the distinctions between deconstructed and constructed solutions. This presentation will define the differences between fully deconstructed, partially deconstructed, and constructed PACS. The speaker will 'bring to light' the technical factors, integration requirements and organizational capabilities that are essential when determining the best solution for your organization.

You will learn:
  • Define the differences between fully deconstructed, partially deconstructed and constructed PACS.
  • Understand industry trends and market forces that have led the industry to seek an alternative to traditional PACS.
  • Demonstrate the viability of standards-based, constructed PACS.
  • Navigate and assess the perils of a partial or full deconstruction of PACS.
  • Determine the best path forward for your institution.
Domains: AM, CI
CE Hours: 1

CRA Alumni Reception