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Enduring Media:
Enduring media are directed readings, home studies, self-study programs, books, audiotapes, videotapes, CD-ROMs, computer software, and Internet-based learning experiences. Complete a separate Application for Evaluation form for each enduring medium. Media will only be considered for approval if you are the developer of the media or have permission from the developer to seek independent approval. A post-test must be taken and passed by at least 75% for each participant.
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Live Lecture:
Any live event including lectures, recurring events, seminars, and conferences. Complete a separate Application for Evaluation per day of sessions on any multi-day seminar/conference. Attendance must be tracked to ensure all participants attended each educational session in order to receive CE credit.
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Institutional Provider (IP):
A healthcare institutional provider is a hospital, clinic, medical center or physician’s office that provides direct patient care and has applied for the exclusive participation of its employees. Anyone submitting an application for an IP must be pre-registered with AHRA. Please fill out the create account page prior to submitting an Application for Evaluation.
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